An Urgent Request To Sen. Stabenow

(Editor's note: A Kansas senator with deep ties to the Monsanto conspiracy has introduced his own version of the Dark Act. It is scheduled for a committee vote this Thursday.

Please contact your senator. Tell them to vote against the corporate-sponsored bill that would shield them from telling consumers what is really in the food we eat everyday. You'll find a look-up tool in the right margin of every page. Find the contact information for your senator and ask him or her to stand up for the consumers of America.

In this page I've included my own letter to Debbie Stabenow who is the ranking Democrat on the Agriculture committee. She is also one of my senators from Michigan.

I left out the first two paragraphs because they included quotes from her first letter to me. I don't publish statements without the permission of the person making them.)

"Sadly the Kansas connection to the alliance seeking to deny the information to consumers about the food they eat, is at work again at the behest of the corporations who need to keep consumers in the dark in order to maintain their control of the food and pesticide industry and the incredible profits derived from such collusion.

Their publicly stated argument about increased costs to consumers through required, accurate food labeling has been exposed as blatantly false by the Campbell Soup company. As I'm sure you know, Campbell Soup will begin labeling their products that contain GMOs.

They will not hide them behind layers of web pages that require smart phones to read bar codes. They will simply post the facts on the labels. And there will be no cost increase to consumers. Companies change labels all the time. The fact that the Grocery Manufacturers Association even attempted this distortion of the truth speaks to the total disregard for consumer health and to their opinion of our ability to see through such misinformation.

History has taught us what happens when corporations get a free pass from congress and indifferent administrations in years past. The cigarette industry had reams of information detailing the addictive power of nicotine. They knew about the health risks. But they needed those pieces of information kept under wraps. So they bought legislation. Eventually the body count reached a number that forced oversight.

In our own state we're seeing the beginning stages of an example of colossal bungling at several levels concerning the water in Flint. We won't know for years how much damage has been and will be done.

Dupont knew that their formula used in non-stick cookware had dangerous side effects to the consumers and to their own employees. But they tried to keep that information under wraps. We don't know how many will suffer from that decision.

Monsanto has a long history of attempting to cover up the consequences of their chemical legacy. Anniston Alabama, Nitro West Virginia, and San Diego Bay are some examples. There have been plenty of studies raising the red flags about possible health risks from the massive doses of glyphosate poured on to our irreplaceable soil.

Finally the FDA has decided to test for this "probable carcinogen." One wonders why we have the order backward in America. We rush products to market, relying on the word of the very companies who will profit from the sales, rather than ensuring the safety of the public.

Hopefully the oversight committees of both chambers in congress will make sure that truly accurate testing is done on glyphosate. The cozy, revolving door between Monsanto and the FDA leads to skepticism of their fairness.

In this election year, national candidates speak of standing up for the everyday citizen and encouraging people, especially young people to come out and vote.

Well, the citizens of Vermont did that. They voted for mandatory labeling in their state. This new action from the Kansas connection would render the decision of those voters as meaningless. It would tell voters that their opinions don't matter if corporations tell congress members to do otherwise.

Campbell Soup exposed the truth about costs. History has taught us what happens when we wait for body counts to exceed certain levels before stepping in to fix things.

When all the rhetoric and political gamesmanship is stripped away, we're left with one clear fact. If they are sure there is nothing wrong with their stuff, they should have no fear of labeling it.

Will this Senate stand up for the ordinary citizen as so many promise on the campaign trail? Or will the corporate machine maintain it's grip on the legislative process? We'll know soon.


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