Belly Fat Weight Loss Isn't A Punchline.  It Is A National Priority!

"I will probably always remember that day."  Editor at

One of the most neglected health needs in America is belly fat weight loss.  What makes it so harmful is the humor too often associated with it.  The jokes about not being able to see your shoes.  The glib remarks about needing to wear jogging pants all the time.  The televised food shows that feature free t shirts for mass consumption of food loaded with sugar and empty carbs. 

As our children's most important teachers, we must turn around this careless attitude about belly fat weight loss.  Lack of recognition of the danger leads to childhood obesity and a recurring cycle of unnecessary sickness and trauma. 

In this page, I'll give you some specific health dangers of belly fat.  I'll provide expertise from doctors who specialize in this area of preventative medicine.  You'll even get a book suggestion from one of our expert cardiologists.  You would expect a book recommendation from, wouldn't you?

This topic is very important to me for two reasons.  The first is the sheer number of men and women carrying around belly fat.  We already know how extra weight causes early wear and tear on your heart muscle.  When we add in the other damage that you'll read about a little further down the page, I hope you'll see how important this challenge really is in our nation.

The second reason is that in my life I've already seen one death associated with belly fat.  My Dad carried around a few too many pounds in the last fifteen years or so of his life.  He did work to slim down and in fact was having success.  But we don't know how much damage was already done because of the results of belly fat.

He died suddenly of a heart attack, most likely brought on by hypertension, at age 66.  You'll read how ignoring belly fat weight loss can lead to that disease.  He lived about 15 years longer than his own father who also died from cardiovascular related conditions. 

I will probably always remember that day.  I was called home by a neighbor who told me my Dad was in trouble. It only took me about five minutes to make that drive to his house.  The paramedics were working on him, but I could tell by their faces and the straight line on the machine, that it was futile. 

My Dad was somewhat overweight around the midsection and died far too young.  Seeing the number of men and women going through life with much more excess poundage around the waist was one of the driving forces in my building this website.  I know how it felt to stand there in his house and see him gone.  I know how it felt to see my Mom distraught.

I know how it felt to go through the long line of well wishers and hear the stories of how my Dad had helped them over the years.  It was nice to hear good things about him, but he was still gone.   So if this website can help some people not experience those feelings ,we will have made a positive difference.

Why Avoiding Belly Fat Weight Loss Is Dangerous

Dr. Chauncey Crandall offers up one the most straight forward explanations of why belly fat weight loss  is so important to our overall condition, in particular vital organ health.  His cut to the chase style of accurate information processing is why I so highly recommend his books.

Dr. Crandall explains it this way.  Metabolic syndrome nearly always occurs in people who are overweight.  Usually this condition is carried directly in that area around the waist of an overweight person.  And that excess poundage is not just a lump.  It consists of living cells. 

"Your body is the baggage you must carry through life. The more excess the baggage, the shorter the trip."  Arnold H. Glasgow

Dr. Crandall reports that those cells have two primary purposes.

1.) To store energy for later use.

2.) To release hormones that regulate blood sugar levels and control appetite.

Everybody has these cells.  It is just that overweight people have bigger cells than thin people.  These cells are supposed to send out a hormone called adiponectin.  This hormone helps our bodies use insulin in a more efficient manner.  But in people carrying around excess belly fat, the larger cells tend to shut down the production of adiponectin, causing the insulin to lose effectiveness.

The next hazard Dr. Crandall alerts us to is the type of fat found in these excessive waistlines.  Everyone has subcutaneous fat found under the skin.  But underneath the stomach muscles is belly fat called visceral fat.  The location of this substance, very close to your kidneys and liver, makes it very dangerous.

Visceral fat produces harmful proteins and hormones in addition to hampering the usefulness of insulin.  These hazardous proteins contribute to inflammation.  As we know from previous pages at, inflammation is a major cause of arteriosclerosis.  Too often the steps that follow include clogged arteries and possible heart attack. 

Another protein emitting from visceral fat adds to high blood pressure through damage done to blood vessels.  And since this belly fat is very close to the liver, these dangerous proteins can actually flow into your liver, raising the prospects of high LDL, (bad cholesterol) counts. 

Dr, Crandall reminds us that visceral fat has been linked to both colon and breast cancer and may be tied to dementia related diseases.

It also plays a part in type 2 diabetes.  This is such an important topic that we've added a navigation button in the left margin that contains several pages which will also help with belly fat weight loss.

He states, "It is crucial that you begin to lose weight and especially the weight in/around your abdominal region. It is dangerous to your overall health and especially your heart." 

Dr. Crandall draws on his quarter century as a cardiologist to give us one big cause of belly fat.  " I have come to realize that wheat and gluten are the main culprits of belly fat.  Recently I came across a book titled Wheat Belly, authored by William Davis MD, and it gives a clear explanation of why wheat and its many relatives cause belly fat. If you are serious about losing weight, especially around your mid-section, I highly recommend you read Wheat Belly- it just might save your life."

After he gave that positive review, another excellent book hit the market that provided even more insight.  Dr. David Perlmutter provided accurate information in "Grain Brain" about the dangers of all grains, even whole grain, which has been given a pass from many "experts.

It's clear now that for most people who struggle with weight loss, bread is a main culprit.  This is a tough one to accept for all of us.  We've grown up on bread, cakes, and so many other things grain-related.

It's an obvious question to ask why it's different for us than it was for our grandparents.  And the answer is that grain is different for us than when our grandparents consumed it. 

The end product is so highly processed that most of the important nutrients have been washed away.  And nearly all the crops will face some exposure to pesticides. 

If you're doing many things right; if you're basically eating better, getting exercise and proper rest, but still can't shake those extra pounds of belly fat, you may have to make a complete break from bread. 

A little farther below, you'll find a list of foods to avoid that should be very telling to anyone wondering about belly fat weight loss.  Think about how many of those items like doughnuts, pastry, frozen pizza and convenience store foods are eaten per week.  Think about serving sizes.  And remember that most cereals are grain-based.  I did list an easy to make grain-free cereal in our page about Mediterranean diet breakfast ideas.  This one will help you lose weight and tastes great.

Belly Fat Weight Loss Numbers From The Mayo Clinic

A study from the Mayo Clinic produced these eye opening results:

In the case of men, those with a waistline above 42 inches incurred risk of death 50% higher than men with a 35 inch or less waistline.  This translates to three fewer years alive for the overweight man.

For women, those with a waistline above 36 inches faced an 80% greater death risk than those measuring under 28 inches around the waist.  Which converts to five less years of life.

Dr. James Cerhan of the Mayo Clinic says, "For those patients who have a large waist, trimming down even a few inches -- through exercise and diet -- could have important health benefits."

And here is a link with more information about this perilous predicament.  The pathway to belly fat weight loss is clear. 

We always talk about getting 60 minutes of exercise everyday.  And I believe that is very important for every person.  But in the case of people carrying extra belly fat, I would suggest that you check with a cardiologist first.  You may have gone so far past the safe zone for physical exertion, that 60 minutes could have a negative effect. 

There is a tipping point.  Be sure to get medical clearance and follow guidelines that help you shed the weight in a safe manner.  It has to come off.  There is no doubt about that.  But if you have waited too long, you may have to ease into the work.  That doesn't mean to put it off and grab a frozen pizza and the television remote.  That ends now.  You don't need a checkup to know that part.

There are some simple exercises that will help you shed some pounds after your cardiologist gives you the green light.

Foods To Avoid

Foods that work against belly fat weight loss include:

Sports drinks

Cakes, pastries, doughnuts, frozen pizza, commercial gravy mixes

Dairy foods

Processed foods

Highly processed grains, which includes bread

Anything containing trans fats would be included in such a list.  Foods with lots of sugar would also make the list.  Dr. Crandall mentioned the "many relatives of wheat."  You'll find those relatives in that bakery shelf section.

Those Three Words

Diet and exercise.  Once again we hear those three words.  Everything starts there.  And ends there.  The problem is that for too many who don't act quickly enough and don't remain persistent in the task, the end comes far too soon.  Even for some who move fast and stay focused, past mistakes can produce bad results.

Lifestyle change must begin right away to implement belly fat weight loss.  It isn't a laughing matter.  It isn't a fact of getting older.  It is a very serious health risk and it is at epidemic proportion.  You have too many gifts and talents to provide the next generation.  They cannot go unnoticed or not made available because of death or disability from a condition is that is completely preventable or reversible.

We provided a list of foods to avoid.  We've also included a button in the left margin that contains pages centered around the very best program available for weight loss and for optimum health.  The Mediterranean diet has proven to be very effective.

Belly fat weight loss will take some courage.  It will take lots of effort.  It will involve some discomfort.  And it will bring a huge reward to you and your family.  It will be worth it.  And who knows?  You may inspire a new generation to trim down and speak up. 

We can always use more good leaders.

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