The Benefits Of Almond Milk Are Still Flying Under The Radar 

"Health care is one-sixth of our economy. If the government can control that, they can control just about everything. We need to understand what is going on, because there are much more economic models that can be used to give us good health care than what we have now."  Dr. Benjamin Carson

The benefits of almond milk are really only now being brought into the mainstream focus.  Well-funded milk industry lobbies have kept generations old myths in place, but the truth is moving into clear view.

In this page we'll highlight almond milk benefits and provide a comparison to dairy milk.  I should tell you that I have relatives in the dairy business.  Second and third generation milk producers.  So in addition to the advertising, I've been given a very personal word of mouth endorsement of dairy milk for many years.

Almond Milk Benefits

Some of the major benefits of almond milk include a very healthy dose of the important antioxidant Vitamin E and flavenoids that help reduce free radicals within your body.  Protection from type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis are increased with these flavenoids. 

"Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account."  Anne Wilson Schaef

Another of the important benefits of almond milk is the wide variety of natural nutrients found in this versatile product.  The short list includes iron, magnesium, potassium, selenium and calcium.  Remember the calcium part in our comparison and conclusion.  It will be an eye opener.

Almond milk provides 50% more calcium per serving than dairy milk.  How such a valuable number can fly under the radar speaks to the level of paid advertising done by the milk industry.  This natural product, almond milk, provides 50% more of the very product the dairy industry has touted as it's strongest value. 

Almond milk is low in calories and contains no animal products.  This makes it a great fit for any type of diet and especially effective for those people looking to lose weight or to improve their overall health.

It also works well for anyone lactose intolerant, anyone allergic to gluten, or any person who cannot eat or drink soy products.  Please click this link for a comparison between almond and soy milk.

On the negative side, there are some people who have tree nut allergies.  They should avoid almond milk.  

Dairy Milk Benefits vs Benefits Of Almond Milk

Just below you'll see a side by side comparison of nutritional labels from almond milk and dairy milk. 

While the chart above lists only 40 calories per serving for almond milk, which is very good, "Silk unsweetened original almond milk" carries only 30 calories.  Which is even better.

Mounting Evidence

The research continues to show that dairy milk is not our best option for most people.  For years we've heard the milk industry promote itself as a provider of stronger bones to reduce fractures.  Not everyone agrees with that claim. 

In an article listed on Web MD, Dr. Walter Willett who is the head of the nutrition department at Harvard School of Public Health made a statement about those fracture prevention claims.  He said, "One of the main arguments for USDA recommendations is that drinking milk or equivalent dairy products will reduce the risk of fractures. But in fact there’s very little evidence that milk consumption is associated with reduced fractures,"

Dr. Willett points out that in many countries where citizens drink little or no milk, rates of fractures are also very low.  The same could be said for rates of heart attack, arteriosclerosis, and high blood pressure in many of those countries.

Changing Tactics

As we mentioned above, the dairy industry touted it's value as a calcium provider to promote strong bones and better overall health.  But sales have slumped for the past few years.  The industry voices now claim the public just doesn't realize all the value in dairy milk.

In the past they used the tag line of "Got Milk?" and showed a famous person with a milk mustache.  They will scrap that program and focus on protein content.  This seems very ironic to me.  They used to sell themselves as a calcium provider.  Now they are switching gears.  Now they will hype the protein.

But as we learned from our page about daily protein requirement data, too much protein can actually lead to weakening of bones and osteoporosis.  This is caused by our body combating the excess protein by using part of that valuable calcium.

So the industry that purported to be a calcium provider is now saying they include more protein per serving.  Which could lower calcium levels and lead to illness.  I think they still assume we accept their blanket statements without any thought.  I believe those days may be gone.

I think sales are slumping in the dairy industry because there are better, natural options.  We don't need a product that has fewer nutrients overall, and has the threat of possible danger from things given to cattle to keep production levels up in milking parlors.  Dairy milk doesn't "do a body good" in a way almond milk does and we certainly don't need to "Get Milk.

Your cardiovascular system will be stronger with almond milk.  As we've written in other pages showcasing seemingly obvious choices about heart health, this one seems clear cut.  Just like getting off statins requires good decision making, so does this option.  The benefits of almond milk are so overwhelming that I wonder how it can be doubted.

The dairy industry still holds a good position in it's school cafeteria bunker.  It will take effort to get healthier choices into the school lunch programs.  The dairy lobby knows where to spread the money.  If we start the change at home, we can build to other areas.

The sacred cow is not the best answer; pun fully intended.  Look to the benefits of almond milk for your most healthy choice.

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