A Tremendous Tool For Building A Positive Self Image

"We don't just lightly add books to our list of classics.  Gabrielle Bernstein has provided a well-written source of positive information that will help anyone who follows the steps she provides.  This book certainly belongs in our ultimate list."  Editor at books-empower.com

Building a positive self image has become easier with a new book.  This amazing edition fits in perfectly for our dual sub-themes at books-empower.com.  We are committed to helping our readers improve their overall health and increasing financial literacy.  Please recognize that they most certainly work together.

In every area of our lives, our own thought processes either work for us or are our biggest stumbling blocks.  Think about the things in your own lives that cause you any level of stress.

"Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment."  Maxwell Maltz

If you are struggling with finances, what are the things you say out loud and what do you think about as you sit and ponder your predicament?  If you are fighting a seemingly unwinnable battle with weight loss, what words come out of your mouth?  "I can't seem to lose this last ten pounds."  Or maybe it's more like "I guess I'll always be this way."

We'll present some solid, actual action steps that will absolutely work in building a positive self image.  Theories are great.  Most breakthroughs began with some sort of theory.  But action steps are what we all crave as we seek improvement.

Building A Positive Self Image With A Powerful Acronym

Our first action step in building a positive self image is very subtle.  And therein lies the challenge.  Too often we skip past the subtle, the seemingly trivial, or those action steps that appear to mundane or methodical.  As you'll recognize in this page, that attitude is exactly why we remain stuck in situations we'd love to change.

I finally figured out this self-imposed roadblock in my own life a few years ago.  It took a few unnecessary setbacks and scars to get past them.  You don't have to go through that.  Gabrielle Bernstein has provided a step by step guide to building a positive self image in her great book "May Cause Miracles."  I wish this book had been published years ago.  Perhaps I would have avoided some of those scars.  But it is here now for you.

As with any teaching tool, there will be parts that don't fit into your personality.  My hope is that you don't abandon this great tool just because of that.  Gabrielle Bernstein writes in her own style.  Not all of it will fit into every personality type.

But remember that you are looking at building a positive self image.  Are you committed to that effort this time?  Is it time to move forward and leave past hurts and  failures behind?  If so, this book will help you.

In our list of classic books, we've offered guidance from Stephen Covey on goal-setting.  We've highlighted Dave Ramsey in areas of debt-relief.

There are several more great authors in that section who have provided excellent advice.  In every case, things begin with mind-set.  And mind-set is determined by what we tell ourselves.

So our first step is to stop our own sabotage.  Gabrielle Bernstein writes about financial insecurity with these words.  "Throughout the day, make an effort to be conscious of your financial fears.  For instance, maybe it makes you uncomfortable to look at your bank statements...In the moment when you recognize your ego popping up, simply say: 'I am not my lack mentality.'

If you're someone who often talks about lack in social settings, then you can use the acronym 'WAIT.'  Why am I talking?  Each time you witness yourself engage in a lack conversation, simply say to yourself 'WAIT' and then in your mind recite your affirmation, 'I am not my lack mentality."

Much like writing things down we hope to accomplish is a simple step that gets ignored by people who seem to struggle over and over with goal achievement, so too is our own negative self-talk a way we fight against ourselves in building a positive self image.

Please do not bypass this subtle first action step.  "WAIT" whenever you think you cannot do something or achieve great things.  If you're still with us on this page, we're ready for the second action step.  This is a big one.  Hopefully you noticed Gabrielle Bernstein's reference to ego in that quote.  Our next step is to confront our own ego and take charge of building a positive self image every day.

How Our Own Ego Is Our Biggest Enemy In Building A Positive Self Image

Ego is a devious force.  It is effective because it allows us to justify so many character traits that hold us back from building a positive self image.  Ego is so often misunderstood.  Many people associate ego with an attitude of superiority over others.  They consider it to be a force that tells certain people they are never wrong.  And those two definitions are accurate.

But ego is also a more sinister force for some people.  It works in the opposite direction.  Ego can also convince people that they are just not worthy of success.  It can assure someone that they will never get rid of those last few pounds, or they will never achieve their most sought-after goals.

And ego uses it's power to restrict forgiveness over people in both groups.  It took me a long time to figure this out.  You now have an advantage.  "May Cause Miracles" explains how ego blocks opportunities for building a positive self image in a way that anyone can understand.

In weight training, proper breathing patterns are essential.  Ego tells us to skip that step.  If we do follow this step, our weight training will be more effective, we'll be healthier, we'll feel better about ourselves, and ego will lose power over us.

In goal achievement, writing down our goals is essential.  Ego also tells us to skip that step.  If we write down our goals, our subconscious mind begins to find ways for us to succeed.  The process of building a positive self image picks up speed.  And ego begins to lose power over us.

Have you ever heard people constantly bemoaning their lot in life?  Have you ever done that?  Do you know people who cannot let go of past hurts or injustices inflicted upon them?  I was in that group.

Do you know of anyone who takes more satisfaction in seeing someone else fail than in trying to improve themselves?  All these things are examples of ego holding us back.

Gabrielle Bernstein writes, "The ego cannot survive without fear.  Therefore, it's committed to keeping us stuck in fear with it's crafty tricks...When we're unwilling to look at our fear head-on, we accept fear as our reality.  To further deny our fear we project it onto others in hopes that the guilt will magically disappear by placing it outside ourselves.

Placing blame on others is a sure sign we're unwilling to look at our own deep-rooted fears.  This is a sneaky ego trick that merely reinforces our faith in attack, judgement, and negativity."

"A 40 Day Guidebook Of Subtle Shifts For Radical Change And Unlimited Happiness"

The title for this section is also the sub-headline for "May Cause Miracles."  I wrote about proper breathing patterns and about the importance of writing things down in earlier paragraphs.  I also wrote that this book is all about action steps, two of which we've covered so far in this page.

Gabrielle Bernstein will hit on the importance of proper breathing in every step she presents in this journey to building a positive self image.  She will suggest that you write things down, and she will stress the importance of creating a quiet space to do your work and to reflect on what you've accomplished.

We've already stressed these things within other pages at books-empower.com.  A quiet spot to fill your mind every morning with uplifting messages is a key to success at any level.  For me, a quiet spot in the sun is perfect.

Find Your Peaceful, Reflective Spot

In "May Cause Miracles" the author will take you on a well-thought-out path that will start off with recognizing how fear has replaced belief and confidence.  She will lead you to a plan that will allow you to let go of past hurts and to forgive.  While it may have no effect on the person you forgive, it will free your mind from that distraction.

She writes from a perspective of a spiritual guidance.  Maybe you won't relate to that.  Maybe you will.  I know I do.  But either way, the plan will still work.

"Gabrielle is the real thing.  I respect her work immensely."  Wayne Dyer

She writes, "If you're wondering what I mean by 'miracle,' it's simple, a miracle is a shift in perspective from fear to love.  A miracle can be a moment you choose to forgive...and let go of decades of resentment, or a moment you recognize that losing your job was not a tragedy, but an opportunity to follow your true calling...The more miracles you add up, the less likely you are to perceive life through dark-colored lenses.

When you choose to perceive love over fear, life begins to flow...Your hang-ups subside and your life feels guided...Your body is a molecular structure that is always vibrating energy.  That energy is positive when your thoughts are positive, and it is negative when your thoughts are negative."

This book is the perfect compliment to our other editions found in the list of classics, located in the left margin of every page.  Gabrielle Bernstein has provided a road map to inner peace and any level of accomplishment you seek.  If you'd like to purchase this book for yourself or maybe for someone you know who could use this pathway, please click the link just below the image.

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We can smile when others are serious.  We can drive our cars more carefully, pick up litter on the streets, recycle, and reduce our consumption.

We can resolve conflicts rather than create them, and we can become less judgemental and more inclusive.  When someone is aggressive, we can teach them to be more peaceful.  Instead of waiting for an example, we can be the example.

The more compassion that enters your heart, the happier and more peaceful you will become.  By knowing that you are doing your part to create a better world-whatever form that takes-you will fill any void that exists in your life, and you will begin to find the peace you are looking for."

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