The Cardiovascular System.  With Proper Care It Can Last 100 Years!

"When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no 'I'll start tomorrow.' Tomorrow is disease."   Terri Guillemets

The cardiovascular system is a fascinating creation.  In fact the ability of our human body to heal itself is an amazing thing.  The relationship between the functions of the heart, kidneys, liver and brain are so balanced and precise. 

All of them work in unison and if we are able to keep from poisoning the various systems, they could actually work efficiently for more than a century.  Unfortunately that part is difficult for most of us.  For me, it is a big effort.

But I believe we are on this earth to make a positive difference.  I don't think many people will make the sustained effort to change diet and lifestyle if fear of death is the only driving force.  What great things can you do with your life?

Maybe your child or grandchild will be the one you influence to go on to discover the next big medical breakthrough.  Maybe childhood leukemia for instance.  Maybe just keeping one kid out of trouble because you were around at a critical time will be your legacy.

It is a challenge for sure.  All big things take work.  But the results will be worth it.

The First Challenge Is Cutting Through The Hype To Find The Real Value

As with all challenges, information provides knowledge.  And there is no shortage of information available.  We just need to seek it out.  And then sort out the myths perpetuated by industry advertising.  Please remember that in many cases corporate profits trump consumer health.

Lifestyle is really the starting point for any heart healthy plan.  As that second paragraph stated, keeping poisons out of the cardiovascular system is critical to good health.  Unfortunately, those "poisons" include deep fried food, salty french fries and restaurant portions that fall off both sides of the plate.

Those same portions cause our stomach to fall off both sides of our belts.  Childhood obesity in America can now be considered to be at epidemic levels.  As well as being a well functioning, coordinated machine when working properly, a problem in one organ of our body often causes problems in other areas as well.

Those obesity numbers draw a very direct line to type 2 diabetes.  The three white poisons; white sugar, white salt and white flour are leading ingredients in expanded waistlines and corresponding lack of exercise.  Excessive carbohydrate intake helps to fuel the sugar addiction that slows down so many people

"Half the costs of illness are wasted on conditions that could be prevented."  Dr. Joseph Pizzorno

I've written quite a few specific pages about the cardiovascular system.  I'll highlight some in this posting, but you can find all of them in the page directory which is located in the left margin of every page.

Some Empowering  Books About Protecting The Cardiovascular System

We've tapped into the expertise of some excellent specialists in their respective fields to help provide quality content, designed to help you avoid becoming a statistic in terms of chronic, very preventable diseases.  And if you are already on that list, we want to help you leave it behind and live a life that makes a positive difference for everyone you meet.

I wrote a three part segment that presented the methods used by food manufacturers and restaurants to keep us coming back for more loads of addictive trans fats, excessive sugar and just way too many life shortening menu items.

Dr. David Kessler's book "The End Of Overeating" is a fascinating read.  Not only will you learn why it is hard to say "no" to the taste and smell of certain foods, but you'll learn the science behind programming our minds.

We used the career long experience and skill of Dr. Chauncey Crandall to help us detail many other diseases that affect our cardiovascular system.  In his new classic book "Fix It", Dr. Crandall not only explains why chronic illness arises, he also explains how to reverse the damage.

In an area that doesn't get nearly enough attention in light of the exploding numbers of dementia related diseases, Dr David Perlmutter hits us right between the eyes in his book "Grain Brain."  We'll touch on the ideas he brings forward in the section just below.

Cardiovascular System Related Diseases

I've written pages about all of the following preventable and reversible conditions.  You can find them in the page directory in the left margin.

* High blood pressure

* Arteriosclerosis

* Coronary heart disease

* Leptin resistance

* High LDL cholesterol

* Diabesity

* Ischemia

* Alzheimer's disease

* Gluten Sensitivity

You'll find pages that give the symptoms of heart attack including one that offers some symptoms unique to women.  Maybe you could be the one to save a life because you are aware of the situation?  Maybe it will be your own life?

Heart disease is the number one killer in America.  In both men and women, heart disease kills more people than all cancers combined. 

A primary driver of heart disease is type 2 diabetes.  The numbers on this avoidable disease are off the charts.  And those affected are getting younger and younger.  As we learn more about how excess sugar triggers this illness, we also begin to see another direct link.

Research is suggesting that there is  type 3 diabetes.  That would be Alzheimer's disease.  Those two words that scare older people more than nearly any others may very well have eerily similar beginnings as type 2 diabetes.  This is bit controversial, but the evidence seems to be lining up.  You can find those important pages in the directory as well.

You'll also find a page about statins.  I've tried to give a very clear look into this issue and have linked a page to statin side effects.

How To Fix It

We started this page with paragraphs about how the cardiovascular system is inter-related.  We'll finish with the idea that the health of that cardiovascular system can be achieved with the same plan.

I set this page up with the intention of introducing you to some excellent authors whose writings can help you live a meaningful, healthy life.  Then we moved into some specific health challenges that none of us need to face.

And now we hit on the solutions.  It all starts here.   Lifestyle change.  Better diet, better exercise, better relaxation, better sleep equals better quality of life.

It gets confusing at times with so much coming at us.  So I'm offering an easy solution.  I'm suggesting a way for you to know how to cut out the processed foods, the sugar laced menu items and the factory raised food that is fed genetically modified formulas and injected with antibiotics which presents even more health hazards.

But if you base your eating patterns on the Mediterranean diet, you'll find the diversity of choice and the cardiovascular system protection that will keep you strong. 

If you commit to 60 minutes of exercise per day, after checking with your doctor, even if all you do is walk, you'll see amazing results.

I've added a resource library with some great tools to help you make the transition to excellent health and vitality.

The how to do it part is found in the pages at  The why to do it is found within you.  Is it a desire to be right there for your grand kids graduation day?  Is it a drive to get back to that great feeling of high energy and zest for life?

Is it a desire to do something great?  To make a difference?  Heart disease is not a forgone conclusion to getting older.  Alzheimer's disease isn't either. 

We can turn this unnecessary rise in chronic diseases around.  Just as I mentioned above, better diet, better exercise, better relaxation and better sleep equals better quality of life.

We welcome your thoughts on this important subject.  Please use the form at the bottom of the page.

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