Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels Are A Signal, Not A Cause

(Conventional medicine) "recommends that they eat what is causing the problem."  Dr. Sarah Hallberg

We've noted exploding diabetes numbers around the world in other pages.  Diabetes blood sugar levels get most of the attention in the search to control this international problem.  But in this page, we're going to challenge that notion.  We're going to cite independent research that suggests the root causes go back much farther.

We'll also attempt to provide some insight into how this process actually affects nearly every system in our body.  And near the end of this page I'll offer an 18 minute video featuring a doctor who has had remarkable success using simple ideas to reverse diabetes in her patients.  18 minutes.  Less than the time it takes to watch a sitcom.

How Food Groups Affect Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels

There are only three "Macro Nutrient" food groups.  They are:

* Carbohydrates

* Proteins

* Fats

In the chart just below, you'll be able to see a clear picture.  Please note how blood sugar spikes with carbohydrate consumption.  Then please note how it isn't so much when eating proteins and far less from healthy fats.  We'll get back to this section a little later in this page.

What It's Really All About

When blood sugar goes up, insulin is released to help bring it back under control.  Our own body makes plenty of insulin.  "Conventional medicine" has stated for years that diabetes blood sugar levels becoming elevated is the root cause of this disease.  That same theory suggests that "dysregulation of blood sugar control" is "an inability of your body to produce enough insulin."

Independent testing has revealed over and over that this is not correct.  In reality, diabetes finds it's roots in overproduction of insulin.  Which means that prescribing insulin as a way to "manage" the disease is only adding to the problem.

We touched on this subject in our page about leptin resistance.  I'll give you the reader's digest version again in this page.  When blood sugar levels go up, insulin is released to help direct that extra sugar into cells in a sort of storage mechanism.  This is the primary role of insulin.  So adding more synthetic insulin by injection only serves to add weight.

Insulin is a growth hormone.  Leptin is another hormone and is produced in various cells including those fat storage cells.  Leptin's primary role is to signal our brain that we are full and don't need anymore food.  It also signals our brain about what to do with available energy

But as more and more insulin is poured into our bodies, more leptin is also created.  Overexposure to both hormones reduces the ability of receptors to pick up crucial signals.  Insulin resistance and leptin resistance are major drivers of diabetes.  And as more fructose from carbohydrates enter our bodies, the process only accelerates.

Years ago, Dr. Ron Rosedale called out the medical establishment about this direction in treating diabetes blood sugar levels.  He stated, "Type 2 diabetes is brought on by constantly having too much insulin and leptin circulating secondary to the same diet that has been recommended to treat diabetes and heart disease, a high carbohydrate, low-fat diet. Then giving these diabetics more insulin is adding gasoline to the fire. Doctors couldn't be doing more harm if they tried."

He adds this comment.  "All of these increased rates of chronic diseases caused by taking insulin may be because it is doing exactly the opposite of what has been shown in many studies to reduce cancer, total mortality, and extend lifespan; reducing insulin. In fact, T2 diabetes is often considered to be a model of accelerated aging because of the high insulin. In other words, treating diabetics by overly raising insulin, either with drugs or insulin itself, is only further accelerating their aging, associated chronic diseases, and death, and should be considered malpractice."

So What Do We Do?

Here is the basic cycle of danger for diabetics:

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."  Hippocrates

1.) Eat carbohydrates

2.) Glucose, (Diabetes blood sugar levels) go up

3.) Insulin goes up

4.) Hunger and fat storage goes up

And the powder keg of insulin/leptin resistance is ignited.  Amazingly, even the national "guidelines" suggest up to 40% of food intake should be carbohydrates.  Conventional medicine calls diabetes a progressive disease that requires medication.  Medication such as insulin.

Please take the time to really study this video.  The information is truly life-saving.  We've written over and over about low-fat diets dangers.  We've written about the role of excess grain in diabetes and Alzheimer's.

Our list of classic books features two authors who have further exposed the risks of high-carb diets.  Diabetes blood sugar levels go up because of too many carbohydrates. 

Please check out "Grain Brain" by Dr. David Perlmutter and "The End Of Overeating" by Dr. David Kessler.

In this video you will hear Dr. Hallberg make a telling statement.  There is a lot of money to be made by keeping you sick.  Diabetes starts the process to heart attack, brain disease, kidney disease and so many other chronic diseases.

Please remember her five points about food choices if you are pre-diabetic or have full-blown type 2 diabetes.

* If it says "light," "low-fat," or "fat-free," it must stay in the grocery store

* Eat whole, real foods

* Don't eat anything you don't like

* Eat when you are hungry, regardless of what the clock reports

* No grains, potatoes, or sugar

I would also add, no processed junk.  But that goes for everyone.  Diabetes blood sugar levels are an indicator, but we must look deeper to find the real reason behind chronic disease.  In this case, the cure is to simply eliminate the root cause by cutting back on carbs, grains, and sugar.

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