Compelling Diabetes Diet Information To Reverse The Trends 

"Think about it: Heart disease and diabetes, which account for more deaths in the U.S. and worldwide than everything else combined, are completely preventable by making comprehensive lifestyle changes. Without drugs or surgery."  Dean Ornish

In this page about diabetes diet information, we'll provide some easy to follow steps that have been proven as effective measures to reverse this disease that is now at epidemic proportions.  The sad part about those numbers is that they only scratch the surface of the problem.  There are millions of citizens around the world who have yet to be diagnosed, but are already on that dangerous pathway to type 2 diabetes.

We'll also present a significant change in food choices that must be included in any discussion about diabetes diet information.  It goes against long-held habits and is I believe, the most important, but least understood decision that must be made to turn around diabetes numbers.

Throughout this page, we'll link to other postings at regarding specific parts of this important topic. 

We'll begin with the "why."  Then we'll move to the 'how."  The reasons why we do things and what is in it for us, will drive us forward.  Knowing what we're up against is vital.

The Exploding Numbers For Type 2 Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association reports that over 29 million Americans-nearly 10% of the overall population-have some form of diabetes.  Of that total, 8 million don't even realize it yet.

Even more worrisome is the number of younger people who are being recognized as being afflicted with type 2 diabetes.  This used to be labeled as "late-onset diabetes."  It is no longer applicable as more and more young people are joining this list.

I wrote in that second paragraph that there are millions of people who don't even realize they will soon be officially considered to be diabetic.  Far too many of the members of this list are under 30 years of age.  It is estimated that 1 in 3 children in America will have diabetes at some point in their lives.  Unless we make course corrections

So how do we change this grim reality?  By taking action and utilizing the diabetes diet information that is at our fingertips.  In the next short section, we'll give an overview of how diabetes effects our bodies.  Then we'll lay out a plan to overcome this challenge.

Accurate Diabetes Diet Information Will Reverse This Trend

Blood Sugar And Insulin

Diabetes is actually a cardiovascular disease.  And since we know that all heart and brain activities are connected, it also becomes a form of brain disease.  Please check out our page about type 3 diabetes to see this connection.

Insulin is a growth hormone.  It's role is to drive blood glucose into our cells to fuel our bodies.  Problems begin when our cells cannot absorb this blood glucose.  Our pancreas then responds by producing even more insulin.

Type 2 diabetes involves loss of insulin and leptin sensitivity.   Please check out our page about the connection between leptin and insulin resistance for more information.

Diabetes Diet Information That Will Turn The Tide In Our Favor

I've heard from more than few people who have been diagnosed as "pre-diabetic."  In every instance, they had the same reaction.  Shock.  They could not believe the news. 

It got worse when they learned why they were in this group of rising diabetes numbers.  They soon realized the lack of accurate diabetes diet information had led them directly to this disease.

The problem lies in the fact that not enough people realize what empty carbohydrates and excess sugar are doing to our bodies.  At least not until they get those test results back.  Then the emotions rise up.  "Why didn't anyone tell me that too much grain could hurt me?"  Or the other big one, "They told us low-fat diets were good for us."  Our page about the low-fat diet craze will clear up that misconception.

"I am a type-2 diabetic, and they took me off medication simply because I ate right and exercised. Diabetes is not like a cancer, where you go in for chemo and radiation. You can change a lot through a basic changing of habits."  Sherri Shepherd

Too much grain-any type of grain-is driving up diabetes numbers.  There is as much sugar in two slices of bread as in one 20 ounce bottle of Coca-Cola. 

Empty carbs, processed foods, or too much bread are major promoters of the process that begins insulin and leptin resistance.  Please click this link for more about this health challenge.

Replacing The Empty Carbs And Excess Sugar

* This isn't difficult.  It begins with a change in mindset.  Cut back on all grains.  This cannot be stressed enough.  Cut back on anything that is grain-based, including bread.

* Cut out processed foods.  They are packed with refined sugar and in many cases high fructose corn syrup, or trans fats.  Make the move to whole, real foods.

* Consume high-quality protein foods.  Eggs, nuts, legumes, lean meat and wild caught, cold water fish are great choices.  Try to find local, grass-fed choices for your meat.  Please check out our page about protein requirements for more information.

* Balance out the important omega 3 versus omega 6 connection.  Our typical "western diets" have this balance in the wrong order.  Our page about omega 3 foods will help in this area.

* Healthy fats don't increase weight gain.  In fact they do just the opposite.

The bottom line to diabetes diet information is this.  We've been doing the wrong things for too many years and the results are obvious.  If you are listed as "pre-diabetic," consider yourself diabetic right now and make the necessary changes to fix that.  We have an entire section devoted to a fantastic meal plan to promote better health.

Get rid of the junk and eat real, whole foods.  Diabetes affects the heart, kidneys, eyes, and brain.  Heart disease, metabolic syndrome, kidney failure and most likely Alzheimer's disease are traveling companions. 

But it doesn't have to be this way.  Better diet, better exercise, better relaxation and better knowledge will overcome type 2 diabetes.  It can be reversed and it is avoidable. 

Please use this diabetes diet information.  Begin today and the positive results will take effect.

"I chalk up the fact that I got diabetes to my body saying, 'Dude, you have been doing wrong for way too long!"  Randy Jackson

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