Don't Dismiss Diabetes Symptoms

"Diabetes is serious business."  Dr. Chauncey Crandall

Over 29 million patients in America alone.  And still diabetes symptoms slip by unnoticed for so many until it is too late.  Perhaps it is because those warning signs are very subtle at first.  Maybe we just ignore the warnings because we think they will go away.

Maybe we attribute some of them to just being overworked or stressed out.  And maybe we don't understand what causes type 2 diabetes, so the thought of becoming a victim of this disease never enters our minds.

At the end of this page, I've added a block with our other pages about this exploding health danger in our country and around the world.  Hopefully many of you reading these pages will take a close look at the causes, the warnings, and at the ways to avoid or reverse type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Symptoms

In the following block, you'll find the most common diabetes symptoms that indicate danger could be ahead.  Please don't wait till "it gets worse" to get checked out by a doctor.

"For many patients this can seem a small concern-just a case of one too many pieces of pie.  Ironically, denial of the condition is more frequent among those who actually have the best chance of avoiding full-blown type 2 diabetes....In my experience, almost no one in this category takes the diagnosis seriously enough."  Dr. Chauncey Crandall

* Increased thirst and urination
* Increased hunger
* Weight loss or weight gain
* Blurred vision
* Extreme fatigue
* Tingling or numbness in the hands or feet
* Very dry skin
* Slow healing sores or wounds
* Increased infections

It isn't hard to imagine why some of those signals would either go unnoticed or attributed to something else.  But with increased knowledge comes improved awareness.  Now we know that these signals could be telling us that we're heading for something bad.

Dr. Chauncey Crandall, author of "Fix It", which is included in our list of classic books states, "The type 2 diabetic may also have become habituated to his symptoms over the course of a long time, drinking sodas throughout the day and taking his large appetite for normal."

It makes sense that weight gain could occur due to that increased appetite symptom.  But what would explain weight loss?  We'll go back to an expert.  Dr. Crandall writes, "The diabetic also feels hungry all the time, as the body cries out for glucose that is not getting to the cells.  Yet, despite eating more and more,...weight loss can occur as the cells starve and tissues usually shrink.  Chronic fatigue sets in, along with irritability and blurred vision."

But in most cases obesity is not only a cause but an end result in the case of type 2 diabetes. 

As you'll read in the other pages about diabetes, found at the end of this page, diet is a major reason these diabetes symptoms begin to surface in the first place.  So that makes them the easiest to reverse.  Improve the diet, improve the health.

Course Corrections

The first correction is to be aware of diabetes symptoms and then to act when we even think there may be a problem.  Of course the very best preventative action would be to get rid of processed foods, empty carbs, and excess sugar.  Our page about diabetes diet information will help you in this area.

Get moving.  Exercise, even walking for an hour a day can do incredible things.  You may be thinking, "How can I walk for sixty minutes when I'm tired all the time?"  You might have to start at a lower time frame and allow your body to recover from years of sugar or aspartame damage, as well as too many doses of processed junk.  But our bodies will heal themselves with a little bit of help.

Get to the doctor and tested.  These diabetes symptoms are giving you an advance warning.  But now you know, so you can turn around this condition.  

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