Making The Tough Decision.  Exercise To Lose Belly Fat Begins Right Now!

"You've got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want it badly enough I can have it. It's called perseverance."  Lee Iacocca

I was asked by a reader for some thoughts on an effective exercise to lose belly fat.  He read our page at about this very dangerous condition and wanted to take action.

I would offer this most important suggestion first.  Have a well thought out plan before you start this effort.  Partly because it will be easier to keep from quitting if you are clear in your mind.  But mostly because too many people do not understand the lingering peril they are in everyday due to this visceral fat around the midsection.

A major part of this initial plan is to consult with your doctor ahead of time.  If you are carrying excess weight around your waist, you could be a ticking time bomb.  Your heart is already working very hard. so we need you to be careful about adding more pressure to that vital organ.

When you are ready, begin with this idea in mind.  You need to burn calories.  You need to get rid of more than you take in each day.  So you need to watch what goes in and then take action to burn some off.

If your added weight has also increased pressure on your legs, you'll need to adapt strategies.  An exercise to lose belly fat will not help if you cannot move the next day. 

Active Ways To Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

I don't believe you will be able to "target certain areas" as some suggest.  I think it will be too demanding in a person with excess weight around the midsection and not as effective.  Maybe later on as your weight comes down.  But at first:

* Walking sixty minutes per day.  If you need to break it up, that is better than not at all.  But a full hour will have more positive effects.

* Bike riding.  If your knees can handle it, this exercise to lose belly fat is very good.

* Swimming.  In terms of an exercise to lose belly fat, this one may be one of the best.  If you are fortunate enough to live near a gym with a pool and can walk there, swim for a while and walk home.  You'll see great results.

* Running.  If your doctor gives the thumbs up, this will burn off weight.  Just be aware of heart pressure and knee pounding.  Walking may be better for most people.

What About Strength Training?

In terms of an exercise to lose belly fat, simple forms of strength training are pretty effective.  Movement is the objective.  For those not able to handle an hour of walking or bike riding, this is a good place to start.  For those of you fully able to walk for sixty minutes, this will just make your job easier and more effective. 

* A simple sit up.  But be sure to do it the right way. Hands behind your head or across your chest.  Knees upright with your feet flat on the ground.  Lift your chest up as close to your knees as possible, without lifting your feet.  Try for 10 repetitions per set, for three sets.  As you get more flexible and build up stamina, you can add to the reps per set.

* Here is a bit tougher exercise to lose belly fat.  Lay back on the floor with your hands behind your head.  Bring your knees up toward your chest.  Raise your shoulders at the same time.  Then kind of turn your your body to the right and stretch out your left leg.  As you turn, move your left elbow toward your right knee. Then alternate to the left and do the same thing.  Sort of like shampoo, rinse and repeat.  Just below is a 50 second video demonstration. 

If you can work up to three sets of 15 of this exercise to lose belly fat, you'll see results.

*Bicep curls.  How does this help with belly fat?  Remember that movement is key.  And variety helps with long term success.  This will add muscle tone and burn fat.  Use a dumbbell that you can handle, but one that will not make it too easy.  Or as Dr. Crandall suggested in his books, use an old laundry soap bottle.  Fill it with sand or water and you're ready.

Be sure to go up at an even pace and return your arm down slowly.  Try the same idea of sets as you used for those situps.  Maybe ten per set and work up from there.

* Wrist curls.  This might seem pretty easy, but if you do them right, you'll feel it.  Extend your arm holding the dumbbell outward.  Let your wrist fall just past your knee and rest it on your leg.  Then just roll your wrist up and slowly let it back down.

* Shoulder press.  Lay on your back and lift that dumbbell straight up and then slowly back down.  Once again, use sets of repetitions followed by a short rest period.

So how do these last three work to support belly fat weight loss?  There are a couple reasons.

They do raise your heart rate if you do them properly.  Not as much as a sixty minute walk, but still much more than sitting around the house.  And they add a component of diversity.  You should strive for an hour of good movement such as walking or swimming, but this extra stuff will help with belly fat weight loss.

"You don't drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there."  Author Unknown

You should realize right off the bat that this will be the hardest type of weight to lose.  You should also realize that it is the most dangerous weight to carry around.  If you clicked on the link about belly fat weight loss in the first paragraph, you'll know some of the dangers of visceral fat.

In this link you'll find a printable page with some simple exercises you can do right in your home.  The author of this program offers an example of how your week should set up, assuming you've taken that first step and talked to your cardiologist.

I'm not a huge fan of web pages cluttered with ads, but if you can push past them, you'll find some quality information to help reduce that ticking time bomb around your waist.  And I do realize that in these examples they always seem to use demonstrators who have just about zero excess fat, so it seems very easy for them.  Call it a target goal.

What To Eat

Proper exercise to lose belly fat is crucial.  Second only to improving your food intake choices.  You must make that change now.  The three white poisons, (white sugar, white flour and white salt), must be gone from your diet.  Processed foods must be gone.  Food loaded with carbohydrates must be cut down because our body turns carbs into sugar.

Lean meat, loads of vegetables and fruits along with beans and nuts will work for you.  And dark chocolate.  Yeah, it is good for you.  Not two pounds of chocolate per day, but some is good. 

To avoid the confusion, just follow the advice found in the Mediterranean diet section, located within the left margin.  This plan is a proven method of improving heart and brain health.

Check out the Page Directory in the left margin.  You'll find much more information about nutrition there.

Failing To Plan Means Planning To Fail

I hated that saying when I was younger.  Mostly because it proved to be true so often.  This life changing experience as you begin your belly fat weight loss journey will test your resolve.  It might be a good time to re-read the page about Stephen Covey's goal setting template.

There are people in your life who are counting on you to win this battle.  And there are readers checking in at books-empower who might need to hear your story.

You might be the voice that saves someone from a cardiovascular system condition.  That would be at least two you will have saved.  Counting your self.

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