A Comprehensive List Of Gluten Foods And Ingredients

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As you move through the supermarket, do you know what are considered gluten foods?  If you aren't sure why it should even matter, please check out our page that answers the question, "What is gluten?"

We drew some excellent information on this very important topic from Dr. David Perlmutter's great book, "Grain Brain."  You can find it in our list of classics, located in the left margin of every page. 

In this page we'll present a very thorough guide to identify these foods.  This list is also found in "Grain Brain."

These Starches And Grains Are Gluten Foods

The reason we need to limit our grain intake is two-fold.  First of all, much of the grain we consume today is nothing like the kind eaten by our grandparents.  This new version is highly processed.  Here is a link with some excellent information about this health concern.

The second reason is the glyphosate effect.  In the section following this one, I'll provide Dr. Perlmutter's list of grains and starches that are not on the list.  But some of them are also doused with glyphosate.  The Monsanto conspiracy is using us as lab rats.  The results won't be in for a few years.  Hopefully that isn't a few too late.

Barley                                            Bulger

Conscous                                      Farina

Graham flour                              Kamut

Matzo                                            Rye

Semolina                                      Spelt

Triticale                                        Wheat

Wheat germ

Grains And Starches That Are Not Gluten Foods

Amaranth                                         Quinoa

Arrowroot                                         Rice

Buckwheat                                       Sorghum

Corn                                                   Millet

Potato                                                Soy

Tapioca                                             Teff

Please keep in mind that while foods on this list don't contain gluten, some of these foods are also dangerous because they drive up blood sugar levels.  The real goal should be to greatly reduce grain consumption overall.  "Gluten-free" foods that increase blood sugar levels are just as damaging to our health.  Our version of the Mediterranean diet provides a good road map to improved health and vitality. 

This List Contains Possible Gluten Products

"It's important to note that the rise in gluten sensitivity is not only the outcome of hyper-exposure to gluten in today's engineered foods.  It's also the result of too much sugar and too many pro-inflammatory foods."  Dr. David Perlmutter

You'll need to read the labels to see if these packages fall into the category of gluten foods.  Be sure to check out the last section that lists "code" for gluten.

Canned baked beans            Beer

Blue cheeses                           Commercially prepared broths

Breaded foods                       Cereals            

Cold cuts                                 Commercially prepared chocolate milk

Egg substitutes                      Energy bars

Flavored coffee or tea          French fries which are dusted with flour prior to freezing

Fried vegetables                    Fruit fillings and pudding

Gravy                                       Hot dogs

Ice cream                               Imitation bacon or crab meat

Instant hot drinks                Ketchup

Malt Flavoring                      Malt vinegar

Marinades                              Mayonnaise

Meatballs/meatloaf             Non-dairy creamer

Oat bran                                 Oats (many are going gluten-free now)

Roasted nuts                         Processed cheese (Velveeta)

Root beer                               Salad dressing

Sausage                                  Seitan

Syrups                                    Soy and teriyaki sauces

Tabbouleh                            Trail mix

Vodka                                    Veggie burgers

Wheat grass                         Wine coolers

It's A Long List

Thanks to the hard work of grass roots networks, we're seeing more and more companies move away from gluten.  The same efforts helped "persuade" companies to drop monosodium-glutamate. 

We'll need to keep up the pressure to drive glyphosate out of the fields around the world.

These Everyday Items Might Contain Gluten

Gluten foods are not the only health challenge.  Gluten is found in many items used everyday.  Here are some common examples.

Cosmetics                       Lipstick or lip balm

Medications                  Non-self-adhesive stamps and envelopes

Play-Doh                        Shampoos and conditioners

Vitamins and supplements  (Be sure to read the labels)

Ingredients That Are Code For Gluten

As you check out the labels, be on the alert for these words.  They are code for gluten.  It's a clever way to get around actually using the word.

Amino peptide complex                     Avena sativa

Brown rice syrup                                 Caramel color (often made from barley)

Cyclodextrin                                         Dextrin

Fermented grain extract                   Hordeum distichon

Hordeum vulgare                               Hydrolysate

Hydrolyzed malt extract                   Hydrolyzed vegetable protein

Maltodextrin                                       Modified food starch

"Natural flavoring"                            Phytosphingosine extract

Secale cereale                                      Soy protein

Triticum aestivum                             Triticum vulgare

Vegetable protein (HVP)                 Yeast extract

Gluten foods are all around us.  Research is providing credible proof that gluten intolerance is much more prevalent than was thought to be the case.

Celiac disease is an extreme example of gluten intolerance, but we're learning that gluten very likely plays a role in some brain disease and in gut microbe challenges.

Please read "Grain Brain" and "Wheat Belly."  I think you'll find both books very enlightening. 

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