Disguising Glyphosate Dangers With Illusions

"What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes."  Harry Houdini

Those words of Houdini accurately describe how glyphosate dangers are being hidden.  It's all about what the eyes think they are seeing.  What the ears think they hear can confuse the thought process so we believe or at least accept misinformation or outright lies.

Across the globe, debate continues regarding the safety or lack thereof concerning genetically modified food.  And this is an important debate because it affects the food supply of the world. 

But merely keeping the debate going is a victory for the Monsanto conspiracy members.  Because the seed sales continue.  And the more important double dip continues for the seed monopolies.  They get to keep selling glyphosate.

Right away we need to recognize the clear and present danger that is glyphosate.  Please understand that this toxin is required for use on "Round Up Ready" seeds.  But it is also sold to farmers who don't plant with Monsanto seeds.  They use it as a "desiccate" to dry out crops for a faster harvest.

It's Gotten Worse Since This Map Was Printed

Evidence continues to mount that paints a dangerous picture regarding glyphosate exposure.  The World Health Organization has added this herbicide to it's list of probable carcinogens.  California has now marked it as a cancer causing agent.  Over 60 countries have banned it's use.  Canada and America are not found on that list.

Glyphosate is following a well-traveled path beginning at corporate headquarters for Monsanto.  It then passes through the valley of false reports stating that it is safe.  And then it hits the market.  In full force.  Some other travelers of this path include:

"The key is for the audience never to know, so I have a plan B for every illusion."   David Copperfield

* DDT (Now banned-they told us it was safe)

* Lasso (Use restricted-they told us it was safe, but Monsanto lost again in a recent French court decision)

* Dioxin (Now banned-they told us it was safe)

* Cyclamate (Removed from the market-they told us it was safe, but independent testing proved otherwise)

* PCB (Now banned-they told us it was safe, but the disaster in Anniston Alabama proved that to be untrue.  Monsanto lost in court there too.)

* Agent Orange (Perhaps the most deadly weapon ever unleashed aside from nuclear weapons.  Decades after final application, the damage to human health continues.  And now they want to bring back the active agent in that poison.  It would be at this point that a shock web site would post graphic pictures of the carnage from Agent Orange.  We aren't that kind of web site.  Instead, I'll give you the viewpoints from a farmer who has planted GMO seeds and then I'll provide some insight from a pair of independent researchers who look for truth.

The Glyphosate Dangers From A Farmer's Perspective

"See, despite whatever personal opinions you may hold about the safety, health benefits or labeling of GMO foods, one fact remains inarguable: In order for these crops to grow, it requires death on a massive scale. And that's precisely how GMO crops function. The genetic modification creates an immunity to herbicides such as glyphosate (commonly sold under the brand name RoundUp, for example), eliminating competition so the corn/soybean/canola doesn't die when everything else does."

These are the words of Forrest Pritchard, a 7th generation farmer.  I've included a link to his experience in this area.  He has included some amazing aerial shots.  I use amazing in the sense of enlightening, but certainly not encouraging.  They give a clear view of what is happening to the soil, particularly in the farm belt region.  I live in this area, so it gets my attention.  We all eat food, so it should get everyone's attention.

Monsanto claims that glyphosate is biodegradable and is no danger to people or wildlife.  But studies have proven that fish have been dying in streams affected by glyphosate runoff.

The Monarch butterfly has been nearly wiped out due to the lingering toxins.  In fact glyphosate doesn't dissipate quickly.  Now Monsanto has agreed that maybe, just maybe their poison is the cause of the butterfly deaths.

But these are just birds, fish and butterflies.  So what? The "so what" is that they die quicker than we do because of their relative size.  Coal miners used to use small birds in cages as early warning signs of lethal gas.  The birds died quicker than humans.  But given enough exposure both would die.  The Monarch butterflies are the new form of early warning.  

Monsanto claimed that pesticide usage would go down with the application of glyphosate.  That hasn't proven to be true either.  In fact the amount of pesticides dumped on our food supply has continued to go up.  In 2012 nearly 300 million pounds of glyphosate was applied to American soil.  And it isn't even working.

The super weeds have outsmarted Round Up.  So now they need to bring back the war-tested killer, 2,4-D, which is an active ingredient in Agent Orange.

 We ask questions and question answers.  We're asking why would they even consider pouring this toxin on to the food supply?

The Glyphosate Dangers Uncovered By Independent Researchers

Big tobacco knew for years that their product caused cancer.  They also knew how to increase the addictive properties of cigarettes.  They got away with it for decades because they were able to hide the facts.  Here is a quote from an interesting article written by Richard Gale and Gary Null. 

"Although FDA scientists possessed all the necessary information that could condemn Big Tobacco’s false claims, the industry relied upon proprietary rules in order to hide behind legal protection. The FDA was silenced and powerless to make the industry’s information public. Consequently it is estimated that millions of people died from a risk that could have been prevented or at least reduced substantially. Instead, the FDA honored the tobacco industry above all human life."

Finally however, the secret studies of big tobacco came out.  They knew they were killing people, but they did it anyway.  Could we see a repeat scenario with glyphosate?

Two independent researchers have been working to uncover the truth.  Dr. Stephanie Seneff and Anthony Samsel, who is a scientist with the Union of Concerned Scientists have been going over thousands of Monsanto documents that have been parked within the vaults of the EPA. 

Monsanto wanted these documents sealed under the guise of "proprietary trade secrets."  Big tobacco used this tactic too.  Here are just some of the diseases Monsanto discovered as being caused by glyphosate in it's trials on mice, dogs and rabbits.  This also came from the aforementioned page written by Richard Gale and Gary Null.

 •   Adenoma cancer in the pituitary gland
 •   Glioma tumors in the brain
 •   Reticular cell sarcomas in the heart
 •   Malignant tumors in the lungs
 •   Salivary mandibular reticular cell carcinoma
 •   Metastatic sarcomas of the lymph gland
 •   Prostate carcinoma
 •   Cancer of the bladder
 •   Thyroid carcinoma
 •   Adrenal reticulum cell sarcomas
 •   Cortical adenomas
 •   Basal cell squamous skin tumors

The linked page listed above is a long one.  Please stay with it all the way to the end.  The information is really important.

What Will it Take To Expose The Truth?

It took the help of a senator to pry this information out of the EPA vaults.  We wonder why these documents, if they actually show that Monsanto knew all along that their product was dangerous could be shielded under proprietary laws.  Maybe we didn't learn from history.

Maybe the death count from tobacco wasn't enough.  Maybe the lies about PCBs aren't enough.  Maybe the lies about Lasso aren't enough.  Maybe the lies about dioxins aren't enough.

But the Monsanto conspiracy knows the truth.  They did learn from history.  They will fight any efforts to expose their corporate deceit.  They've paid out millions of dollars to fight accurate labeling laws.

When trans fats were finally proven to be dangerous and labels were required, the sales fell off.  It's all about the money.  Monsanto needs to block any state specific efforts to require transparency.

They need to discredit independent research.  They need to plant their own paid shills on to the mainstream media pathway.  But recently that scam has been exposed by some diligent reporters.  Monsanto wrote the copy and these "medical professionals" happily signed.  And then cashed the checks.

Here are some closing thoughts from that 7th generation farmer on the dangers of glyphosate.

"And when I say death on a 'massive' scale, I'm talking massive. You can see it from outer space. According to the USDA, this year in America alone, more than 170 million acres of corn and soybeans are in production. At a conservative estimate of 10 gallons of glyphosate (the herbicide most commonly used in conjunction with GMO crops) per acre in dilution, this translates to roughly two billion gallons of herbicide poured onto American soils this year alone. Put another way, we're taking an area the size of California and Montana combined, and killing it dead each year."

Isn't it time for truth?  Isn't it at least time for accurate labeling?  Cigarettes are still legal.  But now we know the truth.  Isn't the food supply of the world at least as important as cigarettes?

For a detailed book describing this incredible cover up, please grab a copy of "Altered Genes, Twisted Truth" by Steven Druker.

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