Healthy Snack Ideas To Improve Your Health And Reduce Your Waistline

It is estimated that 97% of Americans eat at least one snack per day.  Some of them make that one snack a continous afternoon adventure.

In this page I'll give you some healthy snack ideas that will even help with your weight loss program.  The snack industry won't like these options.  They profit from sugar addiction.

The main reason diets don't work is because we get hungry on diets.  There may be a more scientific explanation, but the simple reason is that when we get hungry, we want something to eat. 

The snack machine is calling your name.  Sour cream and onion chips are right there to be purchased.  You know the taste of the salt will be so good.  And the flavor of the chip will satisfy your hunger.  For a while.  Then it will come back.

But all this in between eating of more unhealthy fat, high sugar and high salt food is increasing the risks of obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and inflammation.  Are cupcakes worth that?

The Snack Industry Works Against Healthy Snack Ideas

The snack food industry depends on you ignoring the facts, much as the overall food industry depends on you ignoring information such as can be found in the great book titled,  "The End Of Overeating."  They need you to succumb to the advertising and head for the snack aisle or the fast food lane.  They don't fear the typical weight loss programs because they know most people quit those efforts and head back to the ice cream shelf.

At the end of the blog lineup, located in the left margin of every page, you'll find several columns submitted by readers of  Some of them comment on the steady flow of morning commuters pulling in to the local store to load up on very large soda containers as they head off to work.

A slice of breakfast pizza or a bag of doughnuts often accompany those sugar loaded drinks.  And opting for the "diet soda" is at least as bad.  For one thing diet soda doesn't help you lose weight.  And if the sugar has been removed, more than likely aspartame has been added.  Neither is good, but the sugar is probably safer than the aspartame.

The secret is really not a secret at all.  Begin by eating a very healthy breakfast.  You have the time.  You also have time for lunch.  Again, not a slice of pizza and an order of proceeded cheese-laced nachos from the convenience store. 

We know we'll get hungry by mid-morning and again in the middle of the afternoon.  So armed with this knowledge, we proceed in the same way as we did when setting goals.

We begin by seeing the end result in our minds.  We visualize the success and then we plan.  That's right.  We plan.

As we wrote in the page about how to stop overeating, plan your food intake.  In that plan, include healthy snack ideas. 

Healthy Snack Ideas

There is no rule that states we cannot use "lunch type" food as a mid-morning snack.  Try this one.  I buy organic romaine lettuce-the big leafy kind-and spread some hummus on it and then add some lean turkey or chicken, a few kalamata olives and some feta cheese. 

The lettuce is a perfect bread-free wrap that tastes great.  I like to add avocado as well.  Avocados are perfect examples of "healthy fats."  Flawed information about low fat diets worked against the health of millions of people over the years.  There are healthy fats.  Which leads us to another healthy snack idea that was put on the scrap heap by the high carbohydrate diet fad industry as they fleeced their customers. 

Eggs are good for us.  Yes, they are really good for us.  Take a little time to hard boil these omega 3 rich dynamos and you'll have an amazing healthy snack idea ready for you all week.

I've dedicated an entire section to the Mediterranean diet.  You'll find it in the navigation bar located with the left margin.  I believe it is the very best weight loss program because it solves the problem we listed at the top of this page.  Diets don't usually work because we get hungry, so we eat.

The Mediterranean diet is a true plan, filled with nutritious foods that satisfy our hunger and protect us from the health concerns of processed foods.  In this link, you'll find several great, healthy snack ideas from that section.

Healthy snack ideas are right in front of us.  Crisp apples, ripe bananas, grapes, cherries and blueberries.  These can all replace salty chips, doughnuts and candy bars.  They also might help you replace heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and excess weight with long term good health and amazing energy.

Almonds will do the same thing and will also increase your fiber and protein count between meals. It's another part of your heart health plan.  Just like a long vacation or a secure retirement.  It all takes planning.  Then execution.

I wrote a page about some unique heart attack symptoms in women.  You can find it in the page directory, located in the left margin.  In this link I've included some information about ways in which almonds can improve the health of women.  Almonds and walnuts work for guys too.

Consider almonds in your list of healthy snack ideas.  And consider almond milk in place of dairy.  The milk industry won't agree.  Just as the tobacco industry didn't agree with people quitting cigarettes and the food industry doesn't agree with cutting back on excess sugar and empty carbohydrates.  It affects their bottom line. 

But better healthy snack ideas will affect your life enjoyment line.  And you might be able to drop those weight loss programs that don't drain pounds but do drain dollars.

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