A Heart Healthy Diet Recipe That Tastes Great!

This will be our first installment in the heart healthy diet suggestions.  We'll add some good ones as we go along.  Maybe this page will become a button on the navigation bar.

I think a good heart diet is one of the pillars in our goal to greatly reduce the need  for health care at an early age.  And we'll work to get it to trickle down as a way to reduce  childhood obesity.  More early planning  and smart goal setting.

In Michigan in the winter, we like to warm up with big bowl of beef stew.  But most of these recipes have far too much fat and sodium to qualify for a place in a heart healthy diet.

All that flour, (one of the three white poisons), butter and cornstarch can cause many problems, beginning with a bigger waistline and adding up to the potential for high blood pressure and heart disease.

If you read the page on top heart attack symptoms in women, you realize that diet is a key to prevention or reversal of heart disease.  Those heart attack warning signs are the end result of several things including bad diet.

Jill Evans is a personal chef in Florida.  One of her passions is converting recipes that are overloaded with fat, sugar or sodium into dinners that fit the guidelines for a heart healthy diet.  Below you will see one of those transformations.

So here you go.  A healthy change that tastes great and helps to reduce heart disease problems.

Choose red potatoes over white.  Red potatoes have more nutrients and will not raise your blood pressure as white ones can.  And when the potatoes are fully cooked they will thicken the sauce so you won't need any flour or cornstarch.  Another free bonus!

Jill Evans suggests substituting veal in place of beef.  Veal takes less time to cook, is more tender and has less calories than beef.  It also has less fat and digests easier

Substitute diced tomatoes in place of broths.  If you search a little bit, you'll find diced tomatoes with sodium levels of 20 mg as opposed to canned broths measuring over 1000 mg of sodium.  Pretty simple math.  Less sodium, more good health.

Add carrots or onions for more nutrients and as the cooking time proceeds, toss in some eggplant or zucchini if you wish. 

The ingredient list...

2 lbs. veal                          1 cup chopped carrots           1 cup diced celery
2 large diced onions           2 bay leaves                         1 tsp. basil
2 lbs. diced red potatoes    2 cans diced or crushed tomatoes
4 cloves chopped or minced garlic                                  2 tbs. olive oil
Cayenne pepper (optional)

And the cooking instructions....

Heat olive oil in a large pot.
Add veal and onions and brown for 5 to 7 minutes
Add remaining ingredients, cover and let it simmer for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, until veal is tender and vegetables can be pierced with a fork.

You can prepare this recipe in a covered casserole and cook in the oven at 350 degrees if you prefer.

Here is a telling comparison...
Calories with beef  831         Calories with veal  376
Sodium with beef  1967 g      Calories with veal  170 g
Total fat with beef  45 g    Total fat with veal   9 g

This heart healthy diet recipe will help you improve your physical well being and when you add in that 60 minutes of daily walking and some good relaxation techniques, maybe you'll never have to feel those heart attack warning signs. 

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