High Yield Investing Is Possible With The Right Vehicle

"What it comes down to is that governments and central banks will promise you this, and promise you that. But the only promise they can deliver on is the only promise they never say out loud: They will inflate the currency supply, and your currency will continue to lose value.  They know the history of currencies, and they know that if the price of gold rises too fast, gold could attract the masses away from their fiat currencies. And just like every past example, their currencies would fail. So, it is in the governments' and central banks' best interest to have a falling gold price."   Mike Maloney (page 123 from "Guide To Investing In Gold And Silver")

High yield investing is the goal for nearly everyone who is looking for the best return on their money.  Where can you place your retirement account so it will grow the fastest?  And of course in the most secure place so you don't lose anything. 

Conventional wisdom will tell you to stay the course with a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds.  If you aren't well versed in the markets, then the usual advise is to use a mutual fund company.  Let them manage your money.

This website exists to provide quality content that is timely and to suggest resources to help you answer tough questions.  Regular readers know that to meet those goals, much of that content can be considered contrarian when compared to the usual media ideas.

Here you will read that high yield investing requires that you be aware of what is going on around you in America and the rest of the world.  Because it will affect what vehicle is the best for you now and later. 

You will also read that it is imperative that we increase our own financial literacy.  We're in uncharted water right now.  Even as I revise this page to better reflect the current financial climate around the world, I know that in six months or a year, I'll need to revise it again.

High Yield Investing Is Influenced By World Events

We're in an economic era where stress tests are being performed on banks in the event of negative interest rates.  Who would have thought even one year ago that such a discussion would ever come up? 

While that card hasn't been played yet by the FED, the fact that this discussion is out there adds in more new questions about high yield investing.

Japan's central bank has already pulled the trigger on negative rates.  While this economy that has languished for decades is hardly one to emulate, too often a follow the leader mentality is the guide for central bankers.

The land of the rising sun is following the lead of the European Central Bank and some nations in that part of the world who have had negative rates in place for over a year.  Here is a link with great information that could have a bearing on any investing plan, be it high yield or very conservative.  

If you watch what is being done rather than what is being said by our government, you can see that they have no intention of really paring down the debt.  They talk about doing so, but at every opportunity, they miss the chance to cut the debt down.  The deficit grows and grows.

To stay afloat, the federal reserve just prints out more fiat currency.  And that money flows to the big banks where they can collect money on nothing!  Click here for some insight on the origin of the federal reserve bank.

Massive money printing has given a sort of temporary sugar high to the stock market.  But with each round of quantitative easing the high is not quite as high.  Most of the bullets in the FED gun have been fired. 

They've tried repeated rounds of "quantitative easing."  As I write this, you can read between the lines of what they are saying at the federal reserve and easily recognize that yet another dose is also being considered.

One of the authors featured in our list of classic books is Peter Schiff.  He has said for the past year that the FED will fall back on this tactic, regardless of how many times the sitting federal reserve chair states that the latest round of "quantitative easing" was the last round.

In his opinion, they don't have too many other choices given their absolute fear of deflation.  In the third paragraph of this page, I mentioned quality resources to help you answer tough questions.

One of those resources is a book written by Peter Schiff, along with his brother Andrew.  I've stated in past pages that I think their book should be part of every high school curriculum in America.  The title is "How An Economy Grows and Why It Crashes."

This edition is the perfect blend of excellent information provided within a clever story line.  It will hold the attention of melancholy personality types like me who love details.  But it will also enthrall the sanguine types who love a good story.

What Is The Next Step?

So what do we do to achieve that high yield investing choice?  Act on what you see happening.  Massive fiat currency printing, a sluggish economy based on doubt about any sustainable recovery and staggering debt service all point to two very good choices  in your search for high yield investing success. 

But realize that your tolerance for risk must be factored into any equation in the search for high yield investing options. 

There is a certain level of risk in any investment vehicle.  I believe that just sending hard earned money to a mutual fund manager and hoping he or she does the right thing for you is a risky venture.

As I've written in other pages at books-empower.com, if the FED created bubbles finally burst, there is the potential for a disastrous annihilation of mutual fund accounts that were considered to be "safe investments."

The bubble economy that is being propped up by our government cannot stay inflated indefinitely.  It has to come crashing down.  When it does, I'm afraid that the accounts of many people will be wiped out.

There are books and programs being pitched about the wonders of day trading.  In reality, that is what banks do everyday.  But they have the backing of the central bank and the tax payers to bail them out of bad decisions.

Here are my two choices for the best high yield investing vehicles.  As I write this page, both would probably be considered contrarian ideas. 

Conventional wisdom told us that real estate always goes up.  It told us there was no housing crisis on the horizon.  I was a mortgage broker for a decade.  I could see this collapse coming long before it hit.  The fundamentals were not there.  Incomes were not going up as quickly as purported home values.

The fundamentals for actual recovery are not all the way back yet either.  I still think housing values could go down a bit more.  But bargains are beginning to appear.  This strategy will really depend on how accurate that Bloomberg link I shared with you a few paragraphs ago turns out to be in the near future.

If negative interest rates cause banks to pull back on lending, this will be a tougher option.  Unless you have the means to bypass the banks. 

As I wrote in our page about self-directed IRA accounts, you can actually "become the bank."  This would open up endless opportunities to increase your retirement balances.

If banks aren't lending as much, your ability to provide safe, affordable housing will make you a very successful investor.  At the end of this page, I'll list a group of links that will provide more information on this choice, among other pages that will add to your financial literacy.

The other option for high yield investing may sound crazy right now, but I think has tremendous upside.  It has been the investment option of choice in tumultuous times for decades.

Much like real estate, I think gold and silver still have some value drops coming, but I also believe the time is coming when both will reach new high-level marks. 

I feel like silver is an even better choice for the average person.  It costs less, it has commercial uses and there isn't that much being mined.  For now, governments and central banks can manipulate things to hold down the prices of silver and gold.  But like everything else, the time comes when the market and current conditions set the price.

If you pay attention, and seek more knowledge you could hit that perfect time to grow your account balances.  As with all cycles, even after both metals hit new highs, a time will come when it will be wise to sell them.  But your profit will be there. 

Please spend some time reviewing the six videos found near the end of the resource library, located in the left margin of every page.  Mike Maloney has put together an amazing series of lessons about the history of money.  Each video is about one hour long.  It will be time well-spent.

Just below are some pages from our website that could help you.  As Robert Kiyosaki says, "Knowledge is the new money."

You get to decide if the greatest transfer of wealth in our lifetime moves toward you or away from you.  Begin by becoming educated on what is really going on today.  This is your big chance to find that high yield investing model.

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