How To Put The "Natural" Back Into Natural Foods

by Steven
(Southern USA)

(Editor's note: You'll read in this page that Steven asked me to withhold his review of "Grain Brain" for now. So I have left out that part to honor his request.)

This will be my third letter to the editor at I've been following along with the pages about pesticide usage around the world and about how the same companies that make these weed killers also make the seeds farmers use prior to adding the company pesticides.

I was also interested to see the image of the cover of "Grain Brain" on top of the daily presentations. You see, I've already read this book. I've asked the editor at to hold off on publishing my thoughts on this book for now. I don't want to be any sort of influence, good or bad for any of you who haven't read it yet.

But I would like to comment on the idea of that Boycott List that was posted a while back. It was really interesting to click on a particular company and see how deeply they are involved in the so-called "healthy food" industry now.

For myself, I guess I've always been skeptical of major brands buying out small niche companies. I feel like the original dream of personal start-ups is in so many cases swept away by the dogma of the corporate boardroom.

The page about natural foods that was added to your website last week, gave a vivid description of this problem. So many of these companies were built with the idea of providing a healthy, quality product. But mergers and acquisitions have lowered those standards.

It will be a difficult challenge to avoid all those companies on that boycott wheel. I wrote in my last letter that we must use our buyer's discretion to force positive change. I know that you have written on some of your pages to use the power of the ballot box too. While I do agree with this option, I am a full-fledged realist.

Breaking through that wall will take years and multiple elections. That system of congressional procedures marginalizes the ability of newly elected representatives to make big differences right away. In my opinion, that is part of the design put in place to keep those in power as "those in power."

But we must start to break through that wall, one election at a time. A much more immediate resolution to this food production steamroller is to take away their fuel. That fuel would be our dollars. If we quit buying their products, they will change. And like all true politicians, when the wind of change blows in a different direction, so too will their initiatives. They just need the cameras aimed in their directions.

Keep putting out the information. And thank you for providing this platform for our comments.

(Editor's note: If you missed that page about natural foods and the boycott list wheel, please click this link.)

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