I Was Shocked When He Told Me I Was Pre-Diabetic

by Tom

(Editor's note: I received the following message from a reader. He asked me to share it with you.)

"The news from my doctor didn't bother me too much at first. He told me there were some things on the tests from my yearly physical that 'we needed to address.' I just figured he was going to tell that I needed to drop a few pounds. And he would have been right. I knew that.

I thought he'd tell me that since I was past age fifty, carrying extra weight could increase my chances of a heart attack. It seemed like all my friends were getting the same speech.

But them he hit me with a bombshell. He said I was 'pre-diabetic.' He explained that my chances of getting type 2 diabetes were pretty high if I stayed on my current path. Now remember that I stated this was my yearly physical. I hadn't gained that much more weight over the past year. I hadn't lost any, but I also hadn't added a big number to the total.

And now, just 12 months later I'm pre-diabetic? How could this happen? I go to work everyday. I feel generally fine. Maybe a bit more run down than in the past, but I'm not as young as I used to be.

He gave me a pamphlet with some things to consider and told me that I needed to make 'lifestyle changes' right away. That pamphlet mentioned different choices in foods, but quite frankly wasn't all that specific. And it didn't answer those 'why questions.' Why was this happening to me? Why did it come on so quickly?

So I looked for more answers. I looked hard and far in search of something that would explain why my life had taken this unexpected turn. I didn't find all the answers, but I did learn something that just added to my list of questions. I learned that what I had grown up eating was probably a big reason why I was in this spot.

I knew that fast food wasn't all that good for me. Everyone knows that. But I didn't know about the risks from too many processed foods and from soda. I drink-or should write-drank three or four bottles per day. I work outside and I get thirsty.

And I eat bread in every meal. I mean every single meal. No one ever told me that bread could be one reason why I'm now classified as pre-diabetic. No one ever told me that all those carbohydrates might also be leading me to this point. I didn't have any reason to consider those questions.

But I do now. So I searched. I found some of your pages when I looked for better diets. I landed on your Mediterranean diet page and then found my way to two pages about diabetes.

So now I know that I've been building to this point for years. I didn't even know it at the time. Maybe I should be angry at someone-anyone-for not informing me. But in the end, it's up to me to look out for myself.

It did help when I read over and over that diabetes can be overcome with relatively easy steps. They didn't seem all that easy at first. I still miss my bottles of soda. And I really miss that white bread.

But I'm determined to miss one big thing. That would be type 2 diabetes. I can live without soda and bread. Knowing what I know now, I'm not sure I could live for many more years with them however.

I have a target weight in mind and amazingly, I'm seeing inches reduced around my waist since I got off the three bottles of soda and cut out nearly all grain. And truthfully, bypassing the fast food stops helped too.

Keep getting the word out about diabetes and how to beat it. I know I will be telling everyone. I don't want to hear about anyone else getting that surprising news from their doctor."

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