Statins Advertising Overshadows Inflammation And Heart Disease Links

Would there be even a small chance that you would consider changing your lifestyle if it improved your chances of avoiding such life threatening diseases as heart disease and the related conditions affecting your cardiovascular system, Alzheimer's disease, or cancer?

The statins publicity is far more well known than the inflammation and heart disease risk factor.  Statins have historically been one of the biggest money makers for the pharmaceutical companies.  Major drug companies and many doctors are active promoters of this cholesterol lowering medication.

But as we noted in the page about statins, there is some controversy about the use or overuse of the prescription.  Dr. Chauncey Crandall noted that yes, statins do work to lower cholesterol, but his goal is to get people off statins if they are on them, and to improve health conditions to keep people off them in the first place.

New evidence has shown that inflammation and heart disease are a more likely progression than high cholesterol leading to heart disease.  That isn't to say that all of us with high LDL counts can now just attack the buffet and ignore the page about controlling cholesterol. It is still a cardiovascular system issue.

The Hot Spot

But lack of information on the link between inflammation and heart disease can lead to failed prevention and wasted money on unnecessary drugs.

Why Aren't We Hearing More About The Link Between Inflammation And Heart Disease?

So why isn't this evidence brought more to the forefront? When you read the review about "The End Of Overeating" you saw how antibiotics were a huge money maker for that industry.  Even at the expense of human health.

Dr. Russell Blaylock puts it  bluntly in a recent article for Newsmax Health. "The dream of all pharmaceutical company CEOs has been to develop a drug that people will need to take for a lifetime in order to control their condition. The cholesterol-lowering statin drugs have fulfilled that dream."

"The latest studies show that inflammation is an independent risk factor for heart disease that is much stronger than any measure of cholesterol. A study of two statin drugs, atorvastatin and pravastatin, found that patients with low hsCRP levels had fewer heart attacks no matter their LDL cholesterol level, and they had more heart attacks if their hsCRP was elevated regardless of their LDL cholesterol level. The same thing has been found for stroke risk." 

Editor's note: (hsCRP is a measuring method for inflammation)

He adds, "It all comes down to dollars. If I make lowering cholesterol my goal, especially a drastic decrease, I can convince doctors that everyone, even children, should take them for a lifetime. Yet, if I use hsCRP or other measures of inflammation as the criteria for prescribing statins, the drug would not be given to 75 percent to 80 percent of people presently prescribed to them. That is a massive loss of revenue."

Here is a link with some great suggestions.  It comes from one our featured authors in our list of classic books.

What Can We Do?

So how do we work on this inflammation and heart disease issue?  Here is the good news.  You get to use the natural health formula you used to control that high LDL cholesterol.  Take a look at the image of the four chambers of heart health.  How easy is that?  You have the answers.  Check the page about chronic inflammation as well.

Think about what you've eaten today.  Did your meals consist of whole foods, some fruit, something with high protein?  Or did your meals come from a fast food drive through lane or a processed food package?

Do you feel that since you take nutritional supplements daily,what is in your daily diet is not important?  Just adding that multivitamin doesn't erase the damage from junk food.  Those vitamins are called supplements because that is what they do. They supplement healthy food intake.  They do not fix bad choices.

Something else to consider is not only the bad stuff you eat, but also the lack of good nutrition.  Every time you eat unhealthy food you pass up a chance to take in quality whole foods that can help your body maintain it's own good health.  Opportunity lost affects our health just as it does our entire life. 

So often we hear people in their 50's and 60's complain about being tired all the time, having sore muscles and joints and being light-headed or just kind of foggy.  Usually it gets laughed off as just being a consequence of getting older.  More likely it is the consequence of years of poor diet.  Cell performance is just breaking down.

High cholesterol is a big issue.  It cannot be ignored. The link between inflammation and heart disease  is a big issue.  It cannot be ignored.  Both can be avoided or reversed with the same natural regimen.  Drugs have their place, but that place doesn't have to take up permanent residence.

It can begin with breakfast tomorrow.  What will you be eating? 

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