It All Started With A Web Search

by A Newer Reader
(United States)

(Editor's note:) Today I'm including some words from a reader. She has asked that her name not be added to the byline and as always, I've asked her to review this page before posting it. Here are her observations.

"I haven't been reading this web site for very long. I would guess about three months or so. I came upon it when I searched under 'dealing with depression' and found it. I'm not sure what led me to because it wasn't among the first two or three on the list and usually I don't take the time to look past that point.

But I did this time. And I found some interesting information. More on that later in this letter. I also did what I guess everyone does when landing on a new spot. I clicked on the home page. There was a small section called 'thought for the day.' I can't even remember today what was in that box, but I do know it was an inspiring quote.

So I went back the next day just to see that little box again. This became a new pattern for me. More on that a little later too. I also noticed a little box in the right margin labeled 'Wisdom from Zig.' I'll be honest. I had never heard of Zig Ziglar. I had fallen out of the habit of reading any books.

But this block mentioned 'Something Else to Smile About' and I don't live very far from a book store. They didn't have it but could get it. In the past I would have told them to skip it and would have just gone back to what I always did every other day. But this time I asked them to get it for me.

In our household we have a routine that doesn't change very often. We go to work, the kids go to school. We quickly eat dinner, usually in front of the television. There may be high school games to attend or maybe the night will be spent watching sports or 'reality television.'

I had always wanted to start a small side business. Not because I hated my job. But years ago I started doing some things with crafts and sewing. Then life took over and those craft ideas were pushed into the basement. Whenever I mentioned getting back into it, my family and those people I hung around with, always told me that I wasn't the right person to do that sort of thing.

They told me to just be content with what I had. They told me all the reasons why I couldn't do this, and still work everyday. They said I'd be burning the candle at both ends.

I've always felt that there should be more to life. It seemed like my life was passing me by and I was watching it go without doing anything about it. It was like I was just a spectator as other people tried new things while I just went through the motions. I promise that I'll connect all these dots in this letter very soon.

So that is why I went looking for ways to escape depression. I'd looked before but since I was still looking, either the information didn't sink in or I wasn't paying enough attention. But in this page at I saw something I'd never thought of before. And it made sense when I looked at our family habits. Part of it involved food choices and how depression is linked to processed food and fast food meals. That was our family. We lived on that junk.

But even more, that page caused me to look at other pages. I found out about 'Rich Dad Poor Dad.' Like Zig Ziglar, I had never heard of Robert Kiyosaki. That book gave me a glimmer of hope that caused me to think that maybe those people who told me I wasn't the type of person to own a small business were wrong. After all, none of them had ever tried either. Why was I listening to them anyway?

Then I read more from that list of classics in the left margin of the web site. I noticed near the bottom of the home page there was a short section with a question which read, 'Are we reading enough?' For years I read nothing so my answer would have to be a certain 'no.'

I'll wrap up the last 'more on that later' right here. That first new pattern began when I went back to this web site to see more encouragement from the thought for the day. I watched the most recent video this week. I'm happy to admit that I was doing what Brian Tracy suggested and I didn't even know it.

I felt a tremendous surge of pride when he said that in order to begin to make good choices, we must first stop making bad choices. My first new pattern change was an end to my usual bad decision to procrastinate. When I began to read more, another bad decision went away and was replaced by a better decision.

I love my family and would never leave. But I also wanted to see if I could make this business idea work. So I just decided to do what I thought would help me get there. I changed our meals to bring in better food every night. I felt more energy and enthusiasm. There was push back at home for a while, but now I'm hearing compliments about our meals.

I noticed my daughter reading part of 'Something Else To Smile About' one morning. I didn't say anything, but I saw a big grin on her face as she headed off to school. And both of our kids have left the soda in the refrigerator and switched to water at mealtime. I didn't try to make them switch. They asked me why I wasn't drinking soda anymore and I told them how energized I felt by drinking water instead. As Brain Tracy said, I just modeled the actions for them.

I'll close this letter which has gone on far too long by admitting that I have also never heard of the 'Law of Attraction.' But when people who I didn't know saw some of my crafts, they were impressed. They introduced me to other people who had succeeded in this area. They asked my opinion. And they listened to my answers. This was new for me.

I know people say this all the time, but trust me when I write that if I can overcome my own fears and feelings of disappointment, all of you reading this can certainly do the same and probably much more.

I won't get rich off my small craft business, but I'm so proud of how far I've come. Maybe that makes me rich in an important area already. It all started with a web search and a little box labeled thought for the day. Who could have guessed?"

I would say that our reader is indeed rich in a very important area. And I think her letter could be an inspiration to others. She should be proud of that too.

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