A Mediterranean Diet Food List For Improved Health

"You are what you eat.  So don't be fast,cheap easy and fake."  (Not sure of original author)

This Mediterranean Diet food list will solve the dilemma of "I'd love to eat healthier if I only knew in advance what foods to buy."  In this page we'll provide some really good options for every section of your meal plates.

You know that you should consume a combination of food items that include fruits, vegetables and other natural foods.  In fact natural is the most important descriptive term for our food choices.

As we're bombarded with tainted, manipulated and genetically modified foods and ingredients, our national health crisis deepens.  Diabetes is growing at an alarming rate.  We know that Type 2 diabetes leads to so many other cardiovascular system conditions and probably is a factor in Alzheimer's disease as well.  Heart disease is the most noteworthy, but ill advised diets also spawn breeders to heart attacks, including inflammation and high blood pressure.

We're trying to correct the "ill-advised" part because that advice is making us very ill.  So we'll start right off with the section everyone thinks a Mediterranean Diet food list would not include.  As you'll see below, it most certainly does include meat options.

But I will add one important caveat.  In our version of the Mediterranean diet, we're cutting way back on all grains.  We learned in "Grain Brain," written by Dr. David Perlmutter that grain overload is contributing to Alzheimer's disease. 

Meats Within A Mediterranean Diet Food List

I'll add a few words about that meat list.  As for salmon, please go for wild Alaskan salmon.  Farm grown fish are fed chemically altered things that take them out of the safe diet choices.  Cold water fish are better choices.  Not all versions of the Mediterranean Diet food list include walleye, but this freshly caught inland lake fish is also good for you.  And very tasty.

You can also add in some pork from time to time.  Just be sure that it is antibiotic free, GMO free and MSG free.  It will take some homework.  You'll get that time back when you aren't battling chronic disease brought on by chemical manipulation of our food supply.

As you'll see over and over, we're trying to cut out processed foods.  The dangers are too clear to ignore anymore, regardless of what the herbicide industry tries to tell us.  Just think of those old Marlboro commercials.  Replace the Marlboro Man with "Chemical Man." 

"Get people back into the kitchen and combat the trend toward processed food and fast food."  Andrew Weil

Next on our Mediterranean Diet food list would be fruits.  We all know fruits should be part of our diets.  We know they are good for us.  We know they should replace chili cheese fries.  What are we waiting for?  Check out the pages under the cardiovascular system information button located in the left margin.  Read about heart disease and stroke.  Read about Alzheimer's disease.  That should provide motivation.


(Editor's note:  Avocados are technically not a fruit, but rather a berry.  Still a much better choice than deep fried ice cream.  Or deep fried anything for that matter.)

And now we move on to the first cousin of fruits.  Vegetables seem to be an even tougher choice than fruit for many of us.  Some seem boring and some don't taste that great to us.  No worries.  Just eat the ones that do taste good.


(Editor's note:  Tomatoes are technically not a vegetable, but most people would look in this section for them.  They are also one of the very few choices that are actually healthier when cooked.  Their antioxidant power goes up when heated.  I would also add zucchini to this list because of their antioxidant properties.)

Various kinds of nuts are centuries old natural sources of many health boosters.  A true Mediterranean Diet food list would be incomplete without these heart health improving choices.


I'll add a few words about some other items found within a Mediterranean Diet food list.  First off, protein is found in many foods.  Meat is just one of them.

Closing Thoughts

Eggs and nuts are other places to find protein.  And we usually all get more than enough anyway.  I gave you a page about daily protein requirements that will fill in more details on this subject.

An item not included in these brackets would be oatmeal, which is a fantastic breakfast meal.  We've already learned this from Dr. Chauncey Crandall's new classic about reversing and avoiding heart disease.  The title of that great book is "Fix It."

Spices can and certainly should replace salt and sugar.  Basil, cinnamon, mint, garlic, oregano, parsley, thyme and balsamic vinegar are just a few excellent replacements for white salt which of course is one of the three white poisons.

Butter isn't the evil demon that it was made out to be during the onslaught of trans fat food industry advertising.  There are such things as healthy fats.  Moderation is the key.  Just like always.  Olive oil and coconut oil are very good options for cooking as well.

This Mediterranean Diet food list also advocates unsweetened almond milk as a healthy alternative.  So do I.  It is better all around than dairy milk in my humble opinion.

And dark chocolate makes the cut as well.  More good news!

So there is a working Mediterranean Diet food list for you.  Processed foods, high sugar and bad fat foods, chemically altered foods and just too much heavy food followed by far too little exercise is weakening our nation from a health standpoint.

We argue about health care costs in much the same way we argue about making it easier for students to get loans to pay college tuition.  We're missing the point.  Both points.

Better health care starts before we get sick.  If we quit inflicting pain on ourselves with poor choices, much of the health care problem will melt away.  Along with that very dangerous belly fat.

As for the other point, not really related to this page, if we streamlined degree programs so students weren't forced to take non-degree related classes, they wouldn't need those big loans.

The university administrations are getting wealthy in the same way as major food producers and and altered ingredient makers.  By fleecing populations with "ill-advised" information that is making us ill or broke.  Or both.

That ends now.

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