An Easy To Follow Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

 "Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food."  Hippocrates

These are the pages I enjoy writing the most.  A true Mediterranean diet meal plan is a request I've been asked about on several occasions.  I like to provide information to direct questions.

I've given you some pages about the value of the Mediterranean diet.  More and more evidence continues to come out about the true value of this change in food intake.  For some it may be a radical change from past eating patterns, but the health benefits are undeniable.

I heard this comment from a person regarding such overall value.  She said to take note of "how you feel" when you follow this Mediterranean diet meal plan.  Then take note of "how you feel" after a plate of greasy fries.  She suggests that you not pay attention to the cues telling to you go for the fries, but rather focus on how your body actually feels. 

 "The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."  Thomas Edison

This is great advice.  How often do we overeat and then feel lousy after finally leaving the table?  Imagine the damage done to your heart and blood vessels after consuming these grease loaded food items. 

I never suggest a book to you without checking it out first.  So I ordered this e book to see how it stacked up and to be sure it would add value to our readers at  It passes the test.

Check Out This Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

Valerie and Enrico Forte have created a real winner with "The Mediterranean Diet E Book."  You can get plenty of free information and access  to very timely information from their website.  You can buy their e book loaded with recipes and a great 28 day Mediterranean diet meal plan.  I bought the e book so I could see what is in it.  I would highly recommend it to you.

Some Words On Wheat

There is one caveat however.  Whole grains are mentioned fairly often in their recipes.  It will be your decision on how you proceed on this front.  We've provided plenty of data showing links from excess carbohydrates to heart and brain disease. 

And please remember that bread is only part of the carbohydrate challenge.  So much of our western diet is loaded with grain products.  In the menu plan featured in their book, bread doesn't carry such a prominent role.

This does however, provide a perfect illustration of the power behind the Mediterranean diet.  There is such a huge array of choices that allow us to pick out what we like and still see great results.

To their credit, Val and Enrico Forte have now provided a new cookbook that features low carb meals.  My suggestion would be to use the meal plans and simply adjust them to cut back on the grain intake.  I've had no problem making this minor tweak to fit the idea of cutting back on carb consumption.

You'll learn quite a bit more about how this food intake change can help you improve your health and increase your energy.  I like their suggestion to move slowly into this change.  They correctly point out that most diets or eating plans fail over time.  Part of the reason is that we get impatient.  We go in all fired up and want to see two decades of bad habits reversed in two days.  That cannot happen.

I like the way they've set up the 28 day Mediterranean diet meal plan.  You'll see the meal suggestions and have the ability to click directly to a particular recipe.  You'll notice right away how much will be involved. 

Some of you will go all in and move to this lifestyle change right away.  I applaud you for this effort.  Some will go more slowly.  That is fine too.  I fell into that category.  If you only follow part of the plan for awhile, you see results over time. 

Expert Advice

Dr. Chauncey Crandall recommends a Mediterranean diet meal plan for his heart patients.  His newest book, "The Simple Heart Cure" has shot to the top of the Amazon best seller list.  His previous book, "Fix It" was also number one on Amazon.  Our congratulations go out to Dr. Crandall.  He has given us some great insight and advice.

Both of his books offer some meal planning suggestions.  You may want to use the expertise of the authors of both books.  As I wrote earlier, there really cannot be any serious argument against the cardiovascular system improvement value in a Mediterranean diet meal plan.

I just read the results of yet another study that cited the value in such a menu decision.  This research provided more proof that leafy greens, olive oil and other vegetables produce a fatty acid that helps to lower blood pressure.

Philip Eaton, professor of cardiovascular biochemistry at King's College London said "The findings of our study help to explain why previous research has shown that a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil or nuts can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular problems like stroke, heart failure and heart attacks,"

Moving Forward

I'll be adding to the page about Mediterranean diet breakfast.  I'll also give you some great summer time alternatives to sugary drinks that offer no nutrition and plenty of harm. 

You'll see another author's suggestions for very healthy meal planning very soon.  A list of foods available in the Mediterranean diet will be linked to this section as well.  The flexibility and simplicity makes this the easiest plan to follow and to gain full success.

I would strongly suggest you check out the Forte's e book.  Here is the link to their website.  They did a nice job putting this e book together and they offer good background data as well as new information every week delivered to your e mail if you so desire.

Knowledge is the new money.  This e book featuring a very workable Mediterranean diet meal plan will improve your health.  It will add to your energy level.  You will just feel better and function at a higher level.  The e book cost me $9.99.  Ten bucks is well worth what I've already gotten from it.  And I feel confident in suggesting you check it out.

I'd also welcome your comments on this e book.  Please feel free to use the "Contact Me" button in the left margin.

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