The Mediterranean Diet Plan.  Protection For Your Health And Income!

"Poor health is not caused by something you don't have; it's caused by disturbing something that you already have. Healthy is not something that you need to get, it's something you have already if you don't disturb it."  Dean Ornish

The Mediterranean diet plan is so much more than just another weight loss program.  It is even so much more than a very healthy choice of food intake.  It's more than part of the strategy to avoid or reverse heart disease.   It is however, the very best type of weight loss program in my humble opinion.

It is for sure, all of those things, but it is really a long term decision that will have positive effects on your physical health, your mental well being and your financial security.

That last sentence is a very broad statement.  I realize that.  But in this page I'll show you how it is also a very accurate statement.  We'll present information that will help you and your family improve the quality of life in all aspects.  At the bottom of this page you'll find links to breakfast and snack ideas that fit this tremendous Mediterranean diet plan.

Would you like to get off statins?  This page might help you.  Would you like to have more energy?  Keep reading.  This page will have value for you.  Would you like to have more disposable income?  Stay with this page all the way through it.  You'll see how this will happen.

The name, "Mediterranean diet plan" might be a little misleading.  I think the most important word there is "plan."  As we learned from Brian Tracy is his book, "The 21 Success Secrets of Self Made Millionaires", planning is vital for any achievement.  And this choice, should you decide to make it, will provide a road map to better health and better wealth. 

The first step is to look around you.  Some of the most expensive line items nearly all of us will face involve health care.  Whether there is a national plan that actually works or not, in some way it will be paid by taxes.  And beyond anything covered in a health plan, there are costs associated with illness.  The greater the illness, the higher the cost. 

There is lost employment time associated with illness.  Maybe it means lost wages if you are employed.  If you are self employed, sick time is a direct hit to your wallet.  For many self employed people, the bottom line is no work, no income.

And stepping further away, we need to see into the future.  The competition for jobs will increase in coming years.  Part of this is due to the shrinking job market which adds more people to the list of those competing for fewer positions. 

Better health will be most important for those people.  We will need to be able to physically do the jobs.  Poor health, in particular cardiovascular system conditions, could eliminate some people before they ever get an interview. 

And then of course, we have our responsibility to be our children's most important teachers.  They do what they see us do.  Childhood obesity in America is one of our biggest problems.  It will have to be dealt with in some way. 

We can have even more people forced to rely on government assistance due to long term disability or we can work to teach better habits and better plans right now. 

We're working against a stacked deck.  Hopefully you read the three part series on how to stop overeating.  Much of the information came from Dr. David Kessler's book, " The End Of Overeating."  You can find those postings under the page directory button.  The food industry is using cutting edge science and our own lack of will power to damage our health and raid our wallets.  And affect our future well being.

So Why Use The Mediterranean Diet Plan?

A very good question.  This Mediterranean diet plan is based on historical facts.  Here at we always try to learn from history.  Centuries ago, there wasn't much danger from heart disease.  Part of that was lifestyle.  People grew their own food or hunted it.  There is of course always a risk involved with animal consumption. 

But long ago, there was no risk of chemicals being purposely given to animals to encourage growth.  That is a more modern concept.  Bigger cows mean bigger income.

And people were more mobile.  They moved more.   The days were filled with activity, mostly about surviving. In fact, usually the only people who suffered from heart attacks were the very wealthy who had servants to do their work. 

The modern western civilization has brought us many good things.  Many very convenient products.  And food choices that fall off both sides of the plate.  You can watch show after show about food eating contests.  You can watch commercials about cheeseburgers that now add the salt loaded french fries right onto the burger.  You can watch shows about small, trendy restaurants that feature massive portions of fat, sugar and salt.  Do you notice all the references to "watch?" 

As meals strayed from live foods to processed items and lifestyles started to eliminate walking, health became a bigger problem.  All heart related conditions can be traced to diet choices.  Every one.  And the treatments are also affected by diet choices.

I'm sure there are some doctors who profit from the massive pharmaceutical industry.  I'm sure somewhere cash is exchanged for over-prescribing drugs.  But I believe that the vast majority of physicians seek to help people.

"Time and health are two precious assets that we don't recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted."  Denis Waitley

Statins are a good example.  They do work to lower levels of small density cholesterol.  But I think most doctors would not prescribe them if they really believed their patients would make proper food choices that could have the same effect as statins.  Unfortunately, our lives are programmed to eat salt, sugar and hydrogenated fat.  So many doctors see no safe option.

All heart related conditions, including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and stroke can be avoided or reversed with a simple plan.  Better diet and better exercise are the cornerstones of that plan.  These are the facts and they are indisputable.  Evidence also points to probable benefits for dementia related conditions, Parkinson's disease and many cancers. 

Here is a link to the Cleveland Clinic regarding the Mediterranean diet health benefits.

What Is The Mediterranean Diet Plan?

Here is the Mediterranean diet plan that has worked for centuries by those who use it properly.  Heart disease is much lower in the region of the world in which this method is named.  I think this plan is much more likely to succeed because of the options available.

There is so much diversity and flexibility.   A few paragraphs down, I suggest meat consumption trends.  But I've added a paragraph about sourcing that beef, poultry and pork. 

Dr. Chauncey Crandall prescribes a full, plant based diet, such as the Dean Ornish version for his patients who have suffered a cardiac event.  But his goal is to get them to a Mediterranean diet plan over time.  In his newest book, "The Simple Cure" he presents the menu options that he follows.  And remember, not only is he a top cardiologist, he is also a former heart attack victim.  At age 48.

The Mediterranean diet plan recommends red meat be eaten only a few times per month.  You should eat fish and poultry at least twice per week.  If you can find a local farmer or rancher who raises his animals using humane methods, you'll have a great place to buy meat and eggs.  Those methods would include avoiding cramped conditions, refraining from pumping antibiotics into them to promote growth and not feeding the animals with grain produced from genetically modified seeds.

Plant based foods with very heavy emphasis on fruits and vegetables are key to this Mediterranean diet plan.   Several times a day, fruit or vegetables should be within reach.  A banana in place of potato chips.  Blueberries in place of ice cream. A salad in place of that loaded baked potato.  Nearly all berry type fruits offer an antioxidant value.  I suggest blueberries because they can be frozen and eaten later without losing any health value.

Food For A Vibrant Life

Legumes, (beans), and nuts are also high on the list.  You'll find whole grain bread listed in many meal plans, including some forms of this type.  But newer research is making the link from excess carbohydrates to heart disease, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's disease far too clear to ignore anymore.  The low fat diets based on incorrect information decades ago initiated this problem.  We're not adding to it here.

So we're cutting way back on the grains.  All grains, including cereals, bagels and even whole grain bread.  "Grain Brain" gives us some great insight into this worldwide health challenge.  "Wheat Belly" is another empowering book to guide your food choices.

You'll trash the salt shaker and use a wide variety of herbs to flavor your food now.  You'll also cook in olive oil or coconut oil because they are much healthier.  As we've mentioned before, nuts are very good protein providers.  My choice is unsalted almonds.  This is a great snack item between meals.  Walnuts are also excellent. 

There is even some room for hard cheese and eggs.  Oatmeal may not be in the official list, but this is a great breakfast option to promote better health and more energy.  Red wine is also part of the Mediterranean diet plan, in moderation.  If you are like me and just don't like wine, drink water or even better, unsweetened almond milk.  There are none of the  concerns about GMO products used to feed the cows that produce dairy milk and almond milk is better in every category that counts.

There are countless excellent Mediterranean diet recipes.  I'll be adding some in future pages.  The options and combinations are nearly endless.  With some research, you can create a well rounded, very good tasting menu list.

Our version of the Mediterranean diet pyramid

Setting Things In Motion

So here is the thrust of the Mediterranean diet plan.  You'll set the goal to change over your household beginning right now to a healthier list of food choices.  It won't be easy because the food industry makes millions of dollars  selling us the three white poisons, (white sugar, white salt and white flour.)  Even school cafeterias provide poor choices.  Counting pizza as a healthy meal because of the sauce is ridiculous.  But true.

You may need to take the initiative and send a better lunch along for your kids.  Unless you are ready to speak up now to convince schools to quit taking the easy way out at lunch and assume some responsibility for what they place in front of your child.

You'll ignore the negative and set the example.  You'll teach your children to eat properly and get off the couch.  You'll show them by example.  You will have more energy and so will they.  You won't get sick as often, so you won't miss any income chances and neither will they.  Your out of pocket medical costs will go down.  Your kids will learn this as well.

Your health will make you much more productive.  You'll be sharper and more in demand.  Your confidence will soar, your senses will be heightened.  You'll wake up early everyday, ready to hit the ground running. 

Your Mediterranean diet plan will be in writing as you organize your meal ideas.  You'll do something every day to get closer to reaching your family goals.  And you will be persistent and consistent.

Finally, you might become more vocal in demanding better accountability from food manufacturers.  And school cafeterias.  Please understand the reason it is imperative that young healthy people buy into the (Un)Affordable Care Act.  The reason is that the health situation in America is so bad due to lousy food choices and no exercise, that the fewer healthy folks will be required to pay for the many unhealthy.

That is money out of your investment portfolio.  That is cash from your future retirement.  That is lost potential donations to St. Jude's Children Hospital where they care for kids who have diseases we cannot cure yet. 

We can avoid or reverse the conditions that lead up to the number one killer of men and women in America with no extra out of pocket costs and not much effort.  Just a plan and some follow through.  The Mediterranean diet plan is more than just a plan.  It is a chosen lifestyle that will improve your health, sharpen your mind and in the end, save your assets.  It has worked for centuries and will continue to work for everyone who follows it.

I'm always amazed when I hear someone tell me they'd rather have fun now than worry about what they eat.  I hope they are never confronted with the consequences of those choices.  I wonder how many would like a mulligan on such decisions?

Look for some great Mediterranean diet plan recipes to follow at  Here is a page with dinner ideas using tasty and very beneficial omega 3 foods.   You know what to do now.  Are you ready for the challenge and can you already see in your mind the success you will achieve?  Can you visualize a victory and the rewards from that victory?  It will be worth it.

And you will be helping to make a difference in American health and financial stability.  It all starts with some blueberries, bananas and 60 minutes per day of exercise.  Pretty simple.

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