Mediterranean Diet Snacks Offering Great Taste And Better Health

"When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no "I'll start tomorrow." Tomorrow is disease."  Terri Guillemets

Here are some great Mediterranean diet snacks for you to offer that will combine excellent flavor and even better health.  Instead of the usual over indulgence in trans fat, sugar and salt, we'll offer up an alternative that will have a long lasting impact.  I guess both options have a long lasting impact.  But the trans fat, sugar, salt impact is too often, premature death.

The name, "Mediterranean diet" is really a misnomer.  Rather than a diet, it is really a lifestyle.  You choose to eat non-processed foods that are high in fiber, nutrients and protein.  The meal options are endless and very complete.  The Mediterranean diet pyramid is full of diverse food choices.

For this page we're focusing on Mediterranean diet snacks.  So here we go with some instant "most requested."

A Small Town Favorite Rated As The Most Healthy Vegetable

Sweet potatoes are packed with the antioxidant, carotenoid which lowers the risk of heart disease and is attributed to lowering certain cancer risks as well.   They are also very high fiber vegetables.  The Center for Science in the Public Interest rates sweet potatoes as the healthiest vegetable.  I love potatoes, so this is great news.  These sweet potatoes don't punch us with an excess carb danger.  Here is the very simple recipe.

Slice the sweet potatoes length wise and throw them in a bowl with olive oil and pepper.  Some recipes call for salt, but we don't use any of the three white poisons.  Do we?

You can add any other spices that are good for you however.  How about some basil?  Or maybe even cayenne pepper for those a little bolder.  I know I put garlic into nearly everything.  Toss the bowl to coat the potatoes really well.

Heat the oven to 425 degrees and lay the sweet potatoes on a baking sheet covered with foil.  Be sure they are in a single layer.  Cook them for about 30 minutes.  Turn them over every 10 minutes or so.  You'll love these Mediterranean diet snacks.

The Little Bean That Fights Heart Disease

Chickpeas are a major part of the Mediterranean diet meal plan.  As is olive oil.  This snack recipe will taste great and eliminate the need for those sour cream and onion chips that may taste good, but do nothing to help your health.

One half cup of chickpeas provides around 19 grams of protein.  Also known as garbanzo beans, these little guys are very high in fiber as well.  When you add in the nutritional value of extra virgin olive oil, you have a Mediterranean diet snacks winner.

"The greatest wealth is health."  Virgil

Open two cans of chickpeas, drain them and pat them dry.  Lay the power packed beans out on a baking sheet with a rim.  We don't want them rolling away.  Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil over the chickpeas.

Let them roast in the oven for about a half hour or so until they turn dark and crunchy.  Add some paprika and then let them roast for a few minutes longer.  Be sure to keep an eye on them.  Roasted, not torched is our goal.

Frozen Flavor Without The Dairy Fat

Here is one for all of you craving ice cream, but realizing that dairy fat is clogging your arteries and bulging your waistline.  The drugs pumped into cattle on factory farms are also increasing the risks of antibiotic resistance.  There is always a plan if you search long enough.  Your search has been rewarded with this Mediterranean snack idea. 

Peel a few ripe bananas, and then slice them lengthwise.  Lay them on a baking sheet in a single layer and freeze them for a few hours.  Then toss the bananas into a blender until they get really smooth.  Be sure to scrape off the sides if any sticks.  We don't want to waste any of this mixture.  

Add in any fruit you might like.  I love nearly all berries, so I have plenty of choices.  I also like peanut butter, so that may be my next experiment.  You can eat this snack in a bowl or spread it on some graham crackers.  So good and so healthy.  Dr. Chauncey Crandall, author of "The Simple Heart Cure" would be proud of us.

A Kalamata Classic

Here is a great little snack made with Kalamata olives and feta cheese.  I love both of these ingredients.  I'm really hooked on Kalamata olives.  Try them in a salad or maybe a few right out of the jar.  OK, maybe I've tried more than just a few out of the jar.

For this snack take a cup of those Kalamata olives, 1/2 cup of feta cheese, a couple teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil, the juice from one lemon, 2 cloves of sliced garlic and some rosemary along with some red pepper.  All of it goes into a bowl and is refrigerated for a day.

Take it out of the frig, spread it on some crispy flat bread crackers and enjoy.  We're going easy on the grain products because of the probable links from excess grain intake to dementia related conditions.  Think moderation.

Bowls Of Great Taste In These Mediterranean Diet Snacks

Instead of those bags of chips, try switching them out for bowls of almonds or walnuts.  And of course some dark chocolate.  Go for products with around 70% cocoa. 

Another Groundswell

These Mediterranean diet snacks should provide you with mouth watering bites.  You will also be setting the example in our quest to knock heart disease off the pedestal as the number one killer in America.

We've written in other pages about starting a groundswell of positive momentum.  It works in the four chambers of heart health as well.  Changing expectations means changing habits.   We learned in the three part series about how to stop overeating that we must fight against the food industry hypnosis that draws us to that life sapping junk.  Dr. David Kessler's book, "The End Of Overeating," gave us good direction on that front.

These Mediterranean diet snack recipes are another step in the process.  With this kind of lifestyle change, you'll probably be around for many more years.

A Wave Of Great Health

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