The Monsanto Conspiracy.  Domination of The Food Supply

"What you are seeing is not just a consolidation of seed companies, it’s really a consolidation of the entire food chain"  Robert Fraley, co-president of Monsanto's agricultural sector (1996)

The Monsanto conspiracy has taken a long and winding road through American and international history.  It involves several more companies who make up the cartel that is steadily gaining control of the food supply for much of the world.

Dow, Dupont and Syngenta are tightly aligned with Monsanto.  They work together in various parts of the bio-tech industry and have carefully set in place an ingenious and at least so far impenetrable protection system for this Monsanto conspiracy.

There is an excellent book by Steven Druker that delves deeply into the history of this well-orchestrated effort to "systematically deceive the public."  Just below, in a call out box, is a quote from Jane Goodall about the value of the information found within the pages of "Altered Genes, Twisted Truth."

"One of the most important books of the last 50 years."  Jane Goodall

And as I update this page, a new player has entered the mix.  Bayer, a German-based corporation with a checkered past has launched an effort to buy Monsanto.  This would tighten the monopoly on the food production of the world even more.

To reach this level would require excellent planning and some form of federal government-level assistance.  That assistance would need to at least turn a blind eye.  It would help to get an actual endorsement, but in the end, the blind eye works well enough.

FDA Ties To Monsanto

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is supposed to be the government arm to protect citizens from dangerous foods.  Part of the job of this tax-funded entity is to keep things that make us sick and kill us out of the food supply.  The problem when dealing with the Monsanto conspiracy is two-fold.

"Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food...Our interest is in selling as much of it as possible.  Assuming its safety is the FDA's job."  Phil Angell, Director of Monsanto Corporate Communications.

* The ascending spiral, otherwise known as the revolving door between Monsanto and the FDA.

* The short cuts and falsehoods contained in the "studies" presented to the FDA for approval.  Studies funded by and in many cases done by....Monsanto!

There is a long list of former Monsanto employees who have moved into positions that regulate bio-tech and food sources, especially within the FDA.  There are also cases of former higher level government employees leaving that spot and joining the Monsanto conspiracy.  Some went back and forth several times.  Michael Taylor is one such example.

These FDA ties have taken place during the watch periods of presidents from both sides of the political party aisles.  The Clinton era used the blind eye approach to allow much of this enormous growth of the gang of four to occur. 

"Ultimately, it is the food producer who is responsible for assuring food safety."  FDA statement of policy (GMO policy) 

But the Clinton predecessor was equally at fault.  The first Bush Administration ignored all the warning signs as well.  The second Bush administration did the same.  The circle has been completed with the Obama administration allowing the Monsanto Protection Act to slip past, while hidden in a short term government funding bill.  The congress that passed the bill is equally to blame.

Here is a ten minute video that shows the lengths Monsanto will go to protect their hidden agenda.  It might also cause you to think about that next glass of milk you place in front of your child.

Posilac is that growth hormone referenced in the video.  In our page about antibiotic resistance, I wrote about many of the dangers from artificial growth hormones pumped into cattle.

The Monsanto Conspiracy Effect On Farmers

Monsanto publicly states that it wants to aid farmers to grow more food.  They state that their genetically modified seeds are not harmful and in fact will require less water, and produce higher yields.  Lets look at some results.

As the Monsanto conspiracy has steadily bought up more and more seed companies, the choices of where to buy seeds get smaller and smaller.  If a farmer wanted to grow conventional crops, he would have a difficult time finding such seeds.

In the United States, 80% of the corn and 90% of the soybeans can be traced back to the Monsanto conspiracy.  Of course the reach is much larger than just America.  In places like India and the Philippines, there is very little option.  Farmers must buy seeds from the cartel.  They must also buy the required weed killer laced with glyphosate, which is now considered a probable carcinogen.  That herbicide is called Round Up.  And it is made by......Monsanto.

Since 2001 when genetically modified soybeans took a bigger market share, the price of those seeds has gone up by about 143%.  The cost of herbicides have also risen.

There is a more insidious method of gaining market share as well.  Seeds blow in the wind.  There is a particular department involved in this Monsanto conspiracy that walks into private fields looking for evidence of their product in fields owned by farmers not locked in to exclusive contracts with the corporation.  This division also enforces a rule that prohibits farmers from saving seeds from one crop to plant in the following year.

This enforcement arm has caused family bankruptcies by dragging individual farmers into court and winning backed by unfair patent laws and very weak anti-trust rules.

In India suicide among farmers has reached epidemic proportions.  The high cost of monopoly seeds and the danger of even one failed crop leaves many in financial ruin.

But things are changing in that country, and in Mali.  Farmers are beginning to take a stand against the practices and misinformation of the Monsanto conspiracy.

Of equal concern is the truth or lack thereof in the stance that GM seeds use less water and produce higher yields.  It is being proven over and over, that in many cases these seeds require even more water.  Yields are not always higher.  And weeds are growing immune to the current toxin being dumped on them.  Many strains are coming back bigger and stronger.  Which results in the need for more powerful herbicides being applied at higher levels.  Which costs the farmer much more.

A History Of Monsanto Health Risks

*PCB- Polychlorinated Byphenyls were produced by Monsanto for decades.  There was a general glossing over of any health risks.  The desire was to improve corporate bottom line, not to protect the population.  So the dangers, while known were covered up.  But finally it came out.

Anniston Alabama was the explosion point.  After a court battle, Monsanto and a few of it's co-conspirators were fined $700 million.  A drop in the bucket when compared to the profit they made from these cancer causing products.

DDT-The predecessor to currently used weed killers.  It took a national outcry from ordinary citizens to force the banning of this poison.  Are we ready to take up that challenge again?  The need is much greater now.

* Lasso- This was another herbicide from the Monsanto conspiracy.  A French appeals court upheld a lower court ruling that found the seed/herbicide empire guilty in the poisoning of a French farmer.  Lasso is banned in the European Union, but not in America.  

It's safe as long as you don't touch it. Or breathe it. Or drink it. Or eat it. Or come in contact with it in any way.

* Agent Orange- Perhaps no greater long term weapon-up to this point-has been unleashed on a population than this incredible killing machine disguised as a vegetation destroyer.  I could give you pages of images depicting the victims of this chemical.  Subsequent generations are still paying a heavy price from this contaminant.

* Glyphosate- The main ingredient in Round Up.  Monsanto used to list Round Up as biodegradable.  When that was proven to be false, they removed that description.  But they still state that the product is not a health risk. 

Numbers don't lie.  The level of diseases has gone up in direct proportion to the long term exposure to this chemical.  In it's role as the twin cash generator along with genetically modified seeds. glyphosate needs to be independently investigated.  Please use this link for some great information.  Be sure to click on "full PDF" next to "abstract" in the middle of the page to read the full document.

*Genetically Modified  Seeds- We really don't know the true dangers of these products.  But we cannot allow the food supply of the entire world to be compromised and sacrificed to support a corporate effort aimed at monopolizing food production.

Silencing The Critics

The Monsanto conspiracy has doled out millions of dollars to fight any efforts to accurately label food ingredients.  They stay committed to their stance that their products are safe, in spite of their corporate history of mistakes and deceit. 

Vermont passed a law that would have required foods that come from GM products to be labeled as such.  Members of the gang of four along with the major food conglomerates as well as Coca Cola and Pepsi joined forces and deep pockets to fight this state law as well as those in other states.

They also used their tried and true method of manipulating the federal government into passing another law that will override the the ability of any state to require transparent labeling.  Even the weak-willed FDA and EPA called out this law as being ineffective and worthless.  The conspiracy says they have nothing to hide.  They say their stuff is safe. 

They said that about PCB.  They said that about glyphosate.  Their track record on corporate profit is very good.  Their track record on honesty, integrity, and concern for the population in general leaves much to be desired. 

Please take the time to watch the five minute video that follows this subsection.  Please make an effort to become better informed.  We already see the results of Agent Orange.  Our own soldiers went into a dangerous place and were sprayed with this poison.

We've seen the results of PCB contamination.  We've seen what DDT does to people.  This food supply attack is worse than all of those put together.  We simply cannot allow corporate greed that seeks global reach to endanger so many future generations.

Independent testing is needed now.  As is accurate food labeling.  If the Monsanto conspiracy  really has nothing to hide, why are they hiding?  And why are they paying out so much money to stop any inquiries?

It makes me say hmmm!

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