5 Simple Life Habits To Initiate Amazing Success

"Disciplining yourself to do what you know is right and important, although difficult, is the high road to pride, self-esteem and personal satisfaction."   Brian Tracy

In this page we'll offer a handful of simple life habits that will allow you to break free of restrictions and become a goal achiever.  These five steps are the foundation for satisfaction and success at nearly any desired level.

Throughout the page we'll sprinkle in some quotes from empowering authors and from people who have modeled acceptance of personal responsibility and have shown an ability to overcome adversity.

Simple Life Habits That Will Empower Your Actions And Define Your Legacy

"Resistance will tell you that the problems are too many and that you will never make a difference.  Ignore it.  Resistance is a liar."  Matthew Kelly

The title of this subsection is without question a bold statement.  To suggest that five simple life habits could have that much of an impact on any person's life may be more than some can visualize.  I understand that sentiment because I've been in a spot where I felt the same thing.  It sounded good, but I didn't believe it.

And therein lies the first challenge we'll take on with this posting.  Far too often we have perfect memories of past failures.  I can remember a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I thought about things I'd tried with limited success in years long since past.

I can still promote a very noticeable tightness in my chest and nervous sweat if I allow myself to dwell on old decisions that caused pain and created doubt about my ability or even worthiness to accomplish anything of value. 

*Simple Life Habit number 1:  "Become the very best version of yourself that you can be right now."  I put that statement in quotes because it came from a book written by Matthew Kelly.  I placed this habit in the top spot because acting on this initial direction will do more for you than you could ever imagine.

People generally fall into two categories.  Some don't really believe that they are "the right person" to accomplish big things.  People in this group don't move in the direction of their dreams because they just cannot see themselves succeeding and fear the results of "failure."  While it is painful, they accept the pain of watching life, rather than fully participating. 

The other group includes those who have no shortage of self-confidence.  They are certain they are already more than capable, are always right and don't need help from anyone.  This page isn't for them.  In fact, they probably already clicked out and are on to another web site.  For those still with us, please consider all five of these simple life habits.

Beginning right now, make this your first goal.  Become the best possible version of yourself.  Don't expect dramatic change in an instant, but do commit to working everyday to become a better person.  Someone who thinks about your role in creating a better situation for as many people as possible, including yourself.

*Simple Life Habit number 2: Live the life you really want.  A natural out-growth of accepting the premise of habit number one will be an increase in self-esteem and a realization that we are certainly worthy of amazing accomplishments.  They are not just for someone else, nor are they reserved for a certain image we may have developed-one that places us out of reach of such lofty goals or aspirations.

By working everyday to be the best version of ourselves, we will begin to accept more personal responsibility.  Matthew Kelly also writes about the resistance found within all of us.  We are so often the biggest roadblock to our own success.  A roadblock we've placed there out of a subconscious feeling of not being equal to the tasks or not being valuable enough to attain higher goals.

Breaking that inner resistance will be a daily battle.  But it will get easier as these simple life habits begin to take hold.  They build on each other.  You'll see that by working toward living the life you really want, you'll be able to move briskly into the third step.

*Simple Life Habit number 3:  Turn thoughts into actions.  Procrastination is fed by fear, doubt, and insecurity.  All three can find their fuel in our lack of belief in our own amazing abilities.  The best version of yourself will become better each day.  There will be missteps along the way.  No path to bigger rewards is smooth and challenge-free.  But your new-found courage, anchored by your belief that you can have the life you really want will also bring about increased realization of your own personal responsibility.

You'll find that actions will be quicker, distractions fewer and you'll see your energy levels soar.  You'll feel like a new person as your thoughts quickly lead to action steps.  And that is because you are a new person.  You are the best version of yourself.  Everyday that you work on it, that best version gets a little better.

 "The unsuccessful person is burdened by learning, and prefers to walk down familiar paths. Their distaste for learning stunts their growth and limits their influence."  John Maxwell

*Simple Life Habit number 4:  Recognize the limits of your responsibility.  I've written before that accepting responsibility is one of our most valuable character traits.  It either propels us forward or holds us back.  That is the nature of habits.  They can be your greatest ally or you're most dangerous foe.  It all depends on how you utilize those habits.

But in life, there are some things out of our control.  We need to recognize those too.  Control what we can, but accept and work around or over the things out of our control.  We cause ourselves nearly as much internal stress and suffering through worry about things out of our control as we used to do by beating ourselves up for not working toward our bigger aspirations. 

Our new, best version has overcome the habit of not believing in ourselves.  But we need to be aware of dwelling on things we can not do anything about.  Melody Beattie gives some great advice about this in her classic book "Codependent No More."

If we can't fix it, we move past it.

*Simple Life Habit number 5:  Be responsible in small tasks.  Helen Keller writes  "I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble."

Life is a process.  There are daily events and there are shining moments.  There will be tough days.  There will be pain.  Our ever-growing best version of ourselves fully recognizes these words to be factual. 

"Live your life from your heart. Share from your heart. And your story will touch and heal people's souls."  Melody Beattie

To accomplish great things we must make success in the small tasks a priority.  Habits, both good and bad, build on each other.  I have the metaphorical scars to prove this is true.  The better version of myself is now able to recognize that part of history as just that.  A part of history in which I learned what didn't work. 

It is only failure if we don't learn anything from it.  I learned that by creating a habit of taking responsibility for small tasks with the same expectation of success as I do in bigger things, that success comes easier and faster.  You could look at it as creating good habits becomes "habit-forming."

We Hear These Two Words So Often

We hear about responsibility and discipline so often that we tend to let the message slip past us.  But both traits are vital to any success.  They are both crucial in our efforts to avoid the "failure trap."  We are going to fail.  It happens to everyone.  The big difference is what comes next?

Discipline and responsibility lift us off the canvas, dust us off, and push us back toward being our best version of ourselves right now.  Both traits also drive us to improve that best version.  They guide us to simple daily habits that get us a little closer each day to what we really want.  And they get us past fearing failure. 

In the block just below, I've included links to three pages that might help add some more fuel to your drive to make a positive difference in this world.  There is certainly plenty of room for more leaders.  Maybe on the world stage, or maybe just in your neighborhood.  Maybe, and perhaps most importantly, in your own house?

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Your best version of yourself might be the inspiration for someone else to create a better version of themselves.  You may be the spark that ignites an explosion of people creating better versions of themselves and reaching new goals, some of which could help thousands of people.

Such is the power in simple life habits.

Take the next steps by moving toward the wisdom of Stephen Covey and soak in his excellent book "The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People."

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Just below is a quote from "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff" by Richard Carlson.  The chapter title is "Open Your Heart To Compassion." 

"Every day we are given hundreds of opportunities to practice compassion in action.  We can learn to be less reactive and live with more patience.

We can smile when others are serious.  We can drive our cars more carefully, pick up litter on the streets, recycle, and reduce our consumption.

We can resolve conflicts rather than create them, and we can become less judgemental and more inclusive.  When someone is aggressive, we can teach them to be more peaceful.  Instead of waiting for an example, we can be the example.

The more compassion that enters your heart, the happier and more peaceful you will become.  By knowing that you are doing your part to create a better world-whatever form that takes-you will fill any void that exists in your life, and you will begin to find the peace you are looking for."

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