Soy Milk vs Almond Milk-One Is On Top

"You are as important to your health as it is to you."  Terri Guillemets

In this page we'll go over some ideas about the comparison of soy milk vs almond milk.  As with so many discussions involving food quality, there is never a shortage of conflicting information.  Much of that contradiction stems from food industry practices of changing the production procedure involved with so many things we eat.  The process of genetically modifying crops has gotten plenty of media play of late.

That topic is really for another page.  For the purposes of this written conversation, I would suggest that changing the makeup of plants needs to be carefully thought out.

And as we now know, GMO yields are actually not higher, they require more water and far more toxic pesticides.  That will come into play later in this page.

For today we'll stick with presenting the good parts in the debate between soy milk vs almond milk.  And we'll offer some possible negatives to consumption of both products.

Why Either One?

This question is really the foundation for the page.  Why is there even a market for soy or almond milk?  For decades we have consumed dairy milk.  The countryside has been dotted with family farms.  Generations of farmers grew up with the same daily routine.  Milk the cows twice per day.  Everyday. 

And that product was then sold to consumers with the promise of milk being vital to the formation of strong bones and teeth.  It was "calcium concentrated" and it "did a body good,"as the sales promotion touted. 

As we mentioned in the page comparing almond milk to dairy milk, there really isn't a doubt that dairy milk is the least healthy choice.  Dairy milk provides less calcium.  In fact the industry has backtracked on it's calcium claims and is redirecting marketing to protein content.

"Half the costs of illness are wasted on conditions that could be prevented."  Dr. Joseph Pizzorno from his book "Total Wellness"

We highlighted the flaws of that promotion in the pages about daily protein requirements.

And finally the production machine for dairy has changed the debate the most.  Small dairy farms are being replaced by milk factories with cows being loaded up with chemicals to increase production.  Please click on the page about the benefits of almond milk for more on this topic.

Almond Milk Nutrition

Comparing The Benefits Of Soy Milk vs Almond Milk

Both options are good choices for those who are lactose intolerant.  According to most data, that could include over half the American population at some time in their lives.  Those suffering from diabetes and heart disease as well as people who have casein allergies will be better served with either option over dairy milk. 

There are of course many choices for almond and soy milk.  In most cases, the statement of being gluten free would seem to be accurate.  So this would add another valuable component to their list of good qualities.

Both choices offer vitamin enrichment value.   Here is a partial list:

* Vitamins E and B

* Magnesium

* Phosphorus

* Zinc

* Manganese

* Calcium

These all play a vital part in our overall health, including but not limited to aiding in controlling blood pressure and offering some disease protection.

There are a couple distinctions here.  Almond milk is higher in Vitamin E and manganese.  And the nutrients in almond milk are all natural.  Some of the ones in soy milk have been added as the product was "fortified." 

In the contest concerning soy milk vs almond milk, the former has more protein per cup, while the latter has far fewer calories and less sugar.

Both choices are an improvement over dairy, with one notable exception.....

The Allergy Impact

As with all food comparisons, it is crucial to note that this content is presented for informational reasons.  Every person must consult their own doctor regarding unique health challenges.  That would include any questions about soy milk vs almond milk.  An example would be allergies.

While we've noted the many positive attributes to both soy and almond milk, those reading this page who may have certain allergies need to be careful.

If you are allergic to nuts or in some cases even peaches, you may need to ask your physician about almond milk.  The level of soy allergy is even higher.  Many more people have this affliction as opposed to a reaction to tree nuts. 

There is never an absolute in any case.  You take the information and apply it to your own situation.  This would include...

Some Soy Concerns

There have been many reports of genetic modification of soy beans and the impact of such nature altering.  It is suggested in some circles that consumption of soy products is much safer when the  soybeans have been fermented. 

The vast majority of soy beans grown in America are doused with glyphosate, which has been listed as a probable carcinogen.  While most of this crop is used for animal feed, that still puts it in the food chain.  Including dairy milk.

There is the suggestion that infertility and lower sperm count can be attributed to too much soy consumption.  The article I read noted that this occurs when a person drinks five, 8 ounce glasses of soy milk per day.  That seems like a huge amount of any milk in one day.  As with all things in life, moderation is the key. 

Another potential red flag involved people with chronic kidney disease.  Some reports have commented on the possibility of too much soy milk impeding the processing of some of the chemicals in the product.  Again, moderation and advice specific to your own condition can protect you here.  I added this link to understanding soy allergies.  It comes from the Mayo Clinic.

Final Thoughts On Soy Milk vs Almond Milk

I'm glad this type of debate is going on more and more.  It is for sure a step forward anytime people seek information on food choices that can improve their lives.  For too many years we have blindly followed the advertising rhetoric of tobacco and food marketers. 

We bought into the notion that smoking was part of the adventurous spirit of the Marlboro Man.  Sadly several of the guys who played that role in those popular commercials have died.  They died from diseases caused by smoking.

We bought into the sizzle of excess carbs, sugar and salt laced food portions that hung over both sides of very large plates.  Super-sizing was the new lure to hook us on heart killing foods.  If you haven't grabbed a copy of Dr. David Kessler's outstanding book, "The End Of Overeating," please do so.  It will be an eye opener on this topic.

Please check out our three-part series on this important topic.  You'll find it in the page directory in the left margin.

A comparison of soy milk vs almond milk that are both healthier than dairy milk, because of the problem with factory farm antibiotic resistance, is a big advancement from a cardiovascular system standpoint. 

My conclusion is that soy milk is a good source of vitamins and essential nutrients.  It won't hurt people who are lactose intolerant and in most cases is gluten free.  But that flashing danger sign from glyphosate exposure is too important to ignore.

In almond milk you'll find everything as a natural ingredient which is very important.  You'll find more Vitamin E and less sugar.  And you'll find fewer calories.

I'm not sure about the long term affects of soy consumption.  I am sure that almond milk is far superior to dairy milk from a health standpoint.  For that reason, I'm convinced that in the debate between soy milk vs almond milk, the most healthy choice would be almond milk.

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