The Magnificent 7 Members Of The Superfood List (Plus 2)

Responding to a reader request, I'm posting a short superfood list.  We've already included a page about the health benefits of superfoods, but our reader asked for a short list that would be easy to use right away.

So here is our magnificent 7 on the superfood list, plus a couple more at the end just to round out the choices.  I placed them in alphabetical order except for the extra pair at the end of this page.

A Comprehensive Superfood List

Avocados are one of the superfood kingpins.  The list of health benefits is very long.  I've included a few just below.  Keep in mind that the outer skin of an avocado is pretty tough.  This is a good thing because it serves as a protective layer against toxic pesticides that are being doused on our food supply

Avocados help our body absorb nutrients from other choices on this superfoood list.  They are inflammation and cancer fighters.  And they are one of the best sources of healthy fats.  There are healthy and unhealthy types of fat.  Avocados are one of the most healthy.  They taste great too.

Berries are powerful antioxidant providers that fight disease and help reduce inflammation.  All berries are health-enhancers, but blueberries and blackberries are the leaders in this category.  You can freeze them and they won't lose any potency when thawed out.

Broccoli has been proven time after time to be a tremendous disease fighter.  They reduce dangerous inflammation and are packed with nutrients and fiber.  Broccoli also provide anti-cancer compounds.  

Eat broccoli raw for the biggest health boost or steam for only three or four minutes.  Then immerse the vegetable in cold water to stop the cooking process.

Coconut oil is such an important member of this superfood list that we've already posted an entire page about it's health benefits.

This amazing food helps to convert healthy fats in ketones which are much more effective sources of fuel for our bodies than glucose.

You can cook with it because it doesn't oxidize at higher heat ranges.  As mainstream media outlets finally catch up, you will read much more about coconut oil.

Eggs really are edible and incredible.  In just one egg you will find lutien for eye health, and choline for brain and cardiovascular system health

Eggs also provide vitamin B12 and nine essential amino acids.  Whenever possible go for organic free-range eggs.

Kiwi are packed with vitamin C. They also provide antioxidant power, add in vital potassium and have been shown to help lower blood pressure in many people. Kiwis also help boost immune function as well as supplying vitamins E and K.  They are a great source of fiber.

Onions have the potential for reduced risk of several types of cancer including liver and colon cancer according to new research.  Try to just peel the outer, thin skin so you don't lose any of the valuable nutrients.  They protect against cardiovascular system disease, diabetes, and neurological decline.

Wild caught Alaskan salmon are very important in this superfood list.  The key is the wording.  You want wild-caught fish from the cold waters of the Pacific.  Most Atlantic salmon are farm-grown and laced with pesticides.

Research indicates that eating wild-caught Alaskan salmon-even the canned variety-could reduce your risk of cardiovascular system disease by 35%.

If you do opt for canned Alaskan salmon, pick a product packed in water rather than oil.

Two More Great Options

Fermented foods are tremendous boosters of the gut bacteria that is so important to our health.  Sauerkraut and Kimchi are choices that will do amazing things in terms of improved health and a vitality-filled life.

And there is a place for meat.  Try to pick grass-fed beef and only choose pork, beef or poultry that isn't raised in confined animal feeding operations.

So there is your comprehensive superfood list.  Regular readers at know that by simply following the Mediterranean diet, you will have no problem improving your overall health, increasing your energy levels and maintaining a clear, sharp mind.

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