The Truth of the Federal Reserve

by Kathy
(Gowen MI)

This is a very interesting and true article. It is something that needs to get out to all Americans so that they really know what it is all about and what a lie that our government has been feeding us for a very long time.

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Follow Up To The Truth of the Federal Reserve

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for sharing your comments about The Secret Meeting At Jekyll Island. Even though the secret is out, not too many people know about the federal reserve system in general.

And even less understand why Ben Bernanke and the members of that federal reserve set the monetary policy that is in place. The federal funds rate is set at or near zero now. This is the rate banks use in transactions between each other, usually in overnight moves.

But the effects are much more far reaching. That low rate touches all of us. Savers are penalized. Borrowers however, get a great rate.

The assumptions are that the target number to begin to raise that federal funds rate is around 6.5% unemployment. I would guess the federal reserve will rely on the same flawed employment numbers the government uses to make public reports each month.

It does seem as though there are cracks in the solidarity wall among members of the FED. At least a couple are voicing some concern about future ramifications of keeping the funds rate so low for so long.

Economic indicators can be dissected and read in many ways. The same can be said for gross domestic product figures. It kind of depends on whether we want to see the truth or prefer to keep a "good feeling" and assume things will work out.

This financial crisis will be in our rear view mirror only when we face the reality of this massive national debt. It will require tough decisions. We can wait until the situation forces the decisions. This will be much more painful than taking on the challenge right now.

I should tell you that G Edward Griffin's great edition called "The Creature From Jekyll Island", is also available as an audio book. A good way to make your drive time more productive.

Thanks for sharing Kathy. And thanks to all who have read the page about the creation of the federal reserve.

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Just below is a quote from "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff" by Richard Carlson.  The chapter title is "Open Your Heart To Compassion." 

"Every day we are given hundreds of opportunities to practice compassion in action.  We can learn to be less reactive and live with more patience.

We can smile when others are serious.  We can drive our cars more carefully, pick up litter on the streets, recycle, and reduce our consumption.

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